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Bee’s Bio


Bee Herz Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Bee Herz is an internationally recognized psychic medium, intuitive and expert in the field of para-normal communication.

The little snowy corner of Colorado that Bee calls home is an oasis for her. She lives on the edge of a rushing mountain stream surrounded by a national forest and a wilderness with its own deep secrets and mysteries. That alpine Steamboat setting is perfect for Bee – she has wildlife all around her as well as a pretty sophisticated resort town not too far away.

That’s fitting – Bee is a blend of mystique and the down-to-earth; she has sophisticated tastes as well as deep spiritual leanings. Her counsel is appreciated by people with some and/or all of those blends of characteristics as well; city lawyers and hospital doctors call to have a reading as well as local moms and rural school teachers.

A proven psychic healer and advisor, she has practiced as an intuitive for decades.

Bee Herz, Psychic MediumShe can quickly and accurately channel information to help her clients uncover the secrets of their own life patterns, as well as accurately point them in the direction of a successful future.

Bee connects to and receives guidance for individuals from the archangels Gabriel and Michael as well as from people’s higher selves or Spirit Guides.

Her gentleness, kindness and clarity of vision profoundly affects her clients, often evoking emotions and knowledge deeply buried for years, and providing much needed clarity around decisions affecting their futures.


Bee Herz, Psychic MediumBee has thousands of hours of experience, working with clients personally, face to face, as well as experience when needed as an online/phone clairvoyant. Her sincerity, talent and knowledge have created an extremely loyal following, as her clients truly feel the connection she has with them and their departed loved ones. Her own work is legitimized, not only by her grateful and satisfied personal clients, but also by her work with law enforcement around the country.


Bee can’t go where she is not wanted, so her clients must be open and willing to work with her. She truly feels she has been gifted with insight into people’s souls and so is able to accurately see her client’s dreams, desires, and purpose. She can discern where her clients are blocking their potential, where they minimize their magnificence with their all too human self-deprecation.

Bee’s insight goes well beyond the material, and with the help from a client’s departed loved ones, angels, guides and helpers, she can see behind the psychic curtain to the answers they need, when they need it most. Her readings are reliable.

Psychic advice is just the beginning – Bee gets to the heart of the matter and helps you INTERPRET the insights she brings you.

Bee Herz Psychic MediumEducation

Bee graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.F.A.I.D. (Bachelors of Fine Art in Industrial Design). Her careers have included being an Industrial Designer and a Marketing Representative for some major corporations. She is also a Massage Therapist and earned her certification in massage from the famous Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Who knew she’d become one of the best psychics in the USA?


Bee believes everyone has the ability to heal themselves by going within and allowing their Source of Life to manifest and take over their lives. Her goal is to always give clients tools so they may understand and connect with their life’s purpose, heal their psychic or physical wounds and allow themselves to become their true divine selves.

To Be Bee

Bee grew up in the heartland of America – Cincinnati, Ohio. That’s fitting: her last name “Herz” means Heart!

She can remember her mom having prophetic dreams that were uncannily accurate. This impressed Bee but unnerved her mother. Day to day stuff became anything but when her mom could divine just where Bee’s lost bear was in the house or yard. To the exact blade of grass it was sitting upon! Bee has come to realize that most people can be highly intuitive, if they would just let themselves open up to the higher plane of clairvoyance.

Bee Herz, Psychic mediumBee didn’t have invisible friends like many school children – but she did intuit the nature of social situations instantly – she’d know the essence of her painting teacher’s soul, who her girlfriends would fall for. Early on – she just knew that she knew.

It got so she could predict the future. There was no getting around it. And it scared her – discovering a heart attack would soon befall a friend’s mother and having that confirmed “in real life” was too much to handle. So she matured into her role of HELPING people with her psychic ability, instead of shutting down. She’d consider – why do I have this information, what responsibility should I take, what is the next right thing to do with this incontrovertible psychic knowledge?

So in Bee’s early 20s, she handled her psychic knowledge delicately, suggesting to relatives of people in trouble what actions they might take NOW to head problems off at the pass.

Bee believes that people DO have free will and with loving care and guidance, can wend their ways through futures that are not written in stone. As she says “you can’t change the tree, but you can change the branch on a tree. “

What does it feel like to be “visited” by a spirit?

Bee feels the presence of the departed relative of her client and sometimes hears them say something to her directly. They might say her name or something will then happen to get her visual attention. A passing image in front of her eyes or a related thing comes suddenly into her perimeter. Then things happen quickly – like watching a movie screen – scenarios are played out; characters come center stage and then exit. She usually gets a letter or a full name of the ‘visitor’ and checks in with her client – is THIS the person who might be trying to get your attention? The ‘story’ unfolds from there.

Bee Herz Psychic MediumIs Bee a regular Joe?

She’s so normal. Starbucks in the morning to wake up (a vanilla latte actually). She should exercise, but she hates it. Just like everyone else. Her husband has a corporate job and HE is a regular Joe! When his co-workers ask him what his wife does for a living he’s forthright and tells them: She’s a psychic! Watch the Medium!

They met when Bee was dating one of his associates. That fateful night she wrote a letter to herself, dated it and kept it for several months – saying THIS man would be her husband. She later showed the letter to her ‘regular Joe’ and he was amazed – seeing her as Samantha to his Darren (a Bewitched TV show reference from the 60’s).

They do regular things – play backgammon, she knits, does needlepoint, he skis, they go hiking together. It’s all very normal – you’d never know just HOW much insight Bee has into the past, present and future!

Her religious beliefs?

Bee was raised as a Presbyterian yet attended all catholic private schools when growing up. She obviously believes in a hereafter. She has read and practiced Budhism as well as yoga. Bee believes all religions are valid as long as a person obtains personal spiritual benefit from their practice. She does believe in religious freedom and in a persons right to question all aspects of a particular religion. Bee’s personal beliefs and practices include believing in the love and positive nature of a higher being.

Bee Herz Psychic MediumA typical day?

Some days Bee speaks to clients over the phone; other days in person. Importantly, she considers that she works for BOTH sides of every client relationship – that is, the soul who wants to speak to the living person is as important a ‘client’ as her walking, breathing, up-standing one. She gets them both connected and that role of ‘bridge’ is her true work.

Ways Bee suggests to bring your life into alignment with a much bigger metaphysical picture:

  • Be in the now, be present, be mindful, be conscious, be aware
  • Bring yourself back to the ‘every moment’, not the past or future


This now-centeredness allows you to BE. You become aware of actions in the moment, so that you won’t be unkind. This brings your consciousness to that person, allowing you to truly be there for yourself AND for others. In turn this raises the universal consciousness, so you’re helping the world. It all starts with just BEING.

Bee will help you to connect with and hear from your
Spirit Guides as well as your Higher Self.


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