Turkey Call Causes Avalanche in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with Bee Herz

NinjaTurkey Call Causes Avalanche in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with Bee Herz
Angel Wings Lighted

The Joy of Being a Medium

As a medium, I have personally been blessed with human growth experiences while delivering messages from the souls and spirits of those that have departed. Some things I’ve gained: KNOWLEDGE that there really is an afterlife made up of the Divine and our souls, as well as spirit essences of our earthly form that have departed to return to their …

NinjaThe Joy of Being a Medium

Remove The Mask

I thought this would be a timely subject to blog about since Halloween was yesterday. Seriously, wearing a mask for the use of not revealing ourselves to others is very common for many reasons, such as: 1. Nervousness in a job interview 2. Embarrassment 3. Self-consciousness 4. Shyness 5. Hiding something that bothers us about ourselves through not talking about …

NinjaRemove The Mask
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Compassion for Stupid

I’m struggling, but give me credit. I’m trying to understand why humans have trouble showing “Compassion for Stupid.” Everyone has demonstrated a little “stupid” at one time or another, even rocket scientists (however, I don’t know any to confirm this as fact). My personal belief is that people are generally doing the best they can at any given moment and …

NinjaCompassion for Stupid

Grieving the Death of an Estranged Parent

My estranged father died a few weeks ago and the unexpected emotions and feelings I’ve endured have been all over the place. I’ve gone through sadness, anger, guilt and cavernous loss. I’ve wept deep, sorrowful tears. I’ve experienced intense and powerful grief and it has left me mourning not only his death but also the loss of an imaginary, what-may-have-been …

NinjaGrieving the Death of an Estranged Parent

Tips on Becoming Your Own Psychic Medium

Although I do not understand all the reasons I receive psychic medium messages, I would like to share with you some of the things I do to personally assist myself in receiving these messages so that you may use them to perhaps help you become your own psychic medium to directly communicate with your deceased loved ones. I, personally, have …

NinjaTips on Becoming Your Own Psychic Medium

Psychic Communication, ESP or Telepathy

Have you ever wondered whether you were experiencing ESP, telepathy or psychic communication with someone you’re close to? My mother lives 10 miles from me and a few weeks ago after locking up the house for the night, climbing up the stairs and settling down to read in bed, she heard me yell out “Mom.” It was so realistic to …

NinjaPsychic Communication, ESP or Telepathy
Bee's Glasses

I Can See Clearly Now?

I can see clearly now? Yes, I have glasses on so I can see clearly now–maybe!!! Seeing clearly doesn’t just involve sight. How many times have you had to take a second-look at something to understand what you were seeing? Or ask, “what did you say” when you thought you hadn’t heard correctly? As a psychic medium, I often have …

SunnyI Can See Clearly Now?
Meditating at Sunset

Why I Meditate As a Psychic Medium

I meditate for many reasons not the least of which is to improve my own personal sense of calm so that I may better serve those around me who are experiencing chaos. I have found that as a Psychic Medium, meditation is powerful in helping me to not be distracted by a person’s energy in a reading so that messages …

NinjaWhy I Meditate As a Psychic Medium

Do you want to lessen your BRAIN CHATTER???

Are you tired of hearing your brain “chatter” at all hours without your permission? You know, thinking non-stop about something that happened in your past or going over and over about what someone said to you. I’m going to let you in on a secret tool that will help: “WATCHING YOUR THOUGHTS and gently LABELING THEM will GREATLY LESSEN your …

NinjaDo you want to lessen your BRAIN CHATTER???