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Control Freak???


Do you have a “control freak” trait in your personality??? I certainly have this trait!!! I still have situations where I have to consciously remind myself to let the universe and my guides take over whatever impossible circumstance I’m trying to control.

So, I went to college for 6 years to become an Industrial Designer and then landed a great job as a designer in a fast-paced design business. My goal was to be a big success in the career path I had worked so hard to get into. But, after a few short years in my job, I was forced to leave my career. Later, to further complicate my life, I had to go back to Colorado to care for my mother who had cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and would do anything for her and have no regrets. But, I again LOST ALL CONTROL. I felt fear for my future and my life goals and believed I was a failure.

During what I perceived to be a big disruption to my career and goals, I started to really be able to listen to my heart and soul and to my friends and associates. Not being able to control my situation, my future or my mother’s illness forced me to STOP trying to control it all, and turn everything over to the universe and my guides. This allowed me to reassess and redirect my life to follow my true passion of being able to help people. Eventually, I allowed my psychic medium messenger expertise to take over and I put out my psychic medium shingle.

My inability to remain in control of my life led me to a completely different life career and path. One that completely fulfills me while being able to help others.

Instead of trying to be in control all of the time, I now have learned to do the opposite (usually, after I notice I’m in control mode). I EXPAND my consciousness, allow the universe and my guides to take over and LET GO OF CONTROL.

Then and only then, do I really KNOW and TRUST that whatever is in my very best interest will take place.

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    Is the Universe Punishing Me?



    Is the Universe Punishing Me?  NO!!! Emphatically, NO.

    Really, have you ever had so many things go wrong in your life that you started asking  yourself whether or not the universe was punishing you for something? You know, one of those times when the car won’t start at the same time you lock yourself out of the house or the babysitter decides to quit while one of your colleagues uses one of your signature, brilliant ideas.

    Astonishingly, it is important to KNOW that when more than one thing goes wrong simultaneously, the universe is frequently signaling us to wake up, pay attention to life and goals and get ready for change.

     If, when this happens, you feel sorry for yourself and have a tendency to lie around on the couch and eat Cheetos, you have to get-a-grip and get your booty off the couch. You need MOVEMENT.  Movement elevates your energy, which you’ll need for whatever the universe is signaling will be coming into your life. Good ways to elevate your energy include getting out of the house and walking, or staying inside and singing and dancing (my fav).

     You can also start a Journal of Gratitude. YES, you are grateful for some things in your life.  It really helps attitude and energy to write down what we are grateful for instead of focusing on what’s wrong in our lives.

     REMEMBER, the universe doesn’t punish. The universe sends lessons, signals, messages and situations for us to get ready for change.

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      Plenty of Fish in the Sea

      When it comes to dating, I think a lot of you will agree that women seem more hesitant than men to adopt an attitude of there’s plenty of fish-in-the-sea! Men seem to more readily accept when “she’s-just-not-that-into-me”! Guys go have a beer with friends and get on with life–generally speaking. We women need to question (sometimes ad nauseum) why he’s not calling us for more dates.

      Please, it’s important to understand that I’m talking about “dating” not ending a long-time relationship.

      In reality, both men and women really need to understand that there is more than just this person (I-am-currently-on-a-date-with) out there who is right for you. All of us need to TRUST and KNOW that it’s far better to let go and move on. If it’s meant to be, it will be; and, it will happen freely and naturally.

      It is actually healthier to date more than one person because in the process of dating you’ll learn much about yourself and your wants and desires. In dating more, you’ll:

      1. 1. Be better able to understand what traits you find in a mate that are acceptable and/or unacceptable.
      2. 2. Gain additional self-confidence and this will allow you to make better use of your intuition when deciding who to go out with on a date.
      3. 3. Grow as a person and find out things about yourself that will help your development in all relationships, personal, family, business, friendships, etc.

      So, remember, before you find the right one, sometimes you have to allow yourself to “catch and release!”

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        PASSION+PURPOSE = Life Currency

        “Life currency is when your life has a flow that allows you to grow while others benefit from your existence” beeherz

        What is it that you REALLY enjoy doing? Is it Art, Helping People, Numbers, Medicine, Working Alone, Working With People? You get the idea. Now, sit down and write a list of what you enjoy doing.

        THEN, make another list of what your purpose is in this life. Oh, you say you don’t have a purpose! Then start small with some obvious purpose you serve. This may include many things. You may be a parent, so being a great parent and making certain your children have a well balanced education with food on the table would be a purpose. As well as being a good provider. Or, you’re a receptionist and your “current” purpose is to help clients make appointments with a doctor, etc. Or, you’re an attorney helping your clients and representing their best interests. You get the idea!

        Finally, what kind of “life currency” is important to you. By currency, I mean, is money the most important thing for you in this life? Or, is happiness the most important? Or, is balance, the most important? Or, your spiritual connection? Your optimal “life currency” may change many times over the course of your life. But, if you are ready to really do the work and define your passion and purpose, your life currency will naturally follow.

        The important thing to remember is if you can make a plan to identify your PASSION and combine that with your PURPOSE, you will automatically be able to attain and grow your LIFE CURRENCY (no matter what you want to have as your life currency).

        Choose to let me help you identify your life currency by calling to schedule life coaching sessions with me today at 970-871-4525.

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          Happy Valentine’s Day!

          beevalentinesday For those of us who may not have a special valentine to lavish us with cards, flowers, dinner and smooching, what are we to do??? There’s plenty we can do for ourselves and the most important is “SELF LOVE.” Actually, the experts tell us that without self love we really cannot fully love another. So let’s start with taking care of ourselves first. This valentine’s day, look into your mirror on the wall and tell yourself: I love you! Then get a massage or facial or shop a little. Finally, my favorite, buy yourself a heart shaped box of chocolates and squish each one so you don’t have to eat the strawberry cream filled ones or whatever ones you don’t especially care about!!! From me to you, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
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            Commitment Phobia!?


            Some of us are just SCARED! The reasons for being SCARED vary from fear of loss of identity to fear of responsibility.

            QUESTION and ANSWER: Why do I keep choosing men who are commitment phobic?

            ANSWER: Very interesting question! There are many and various reasons that women choose men who aren’t going to make a commitment. Reasons include: 1. Simply being misled by a guy who has no intention of ever making a commitment; 2. Subconsciously choosing someone who cannot make a commitment because you (woman) have a latent fear of losing your freedom. YES, women are also commitment phobic both consciously and/or subconsciously!

            It’s important to recognize when you or the other person in a relationship is commitment phobic because you either want to remove yourself from the relationship or get counseling or BOTH.

            Recognizing your feelings and really looking at your fears and speaking your truths associated with relationship commitments may be one of your life’s greatest experiences and working on your fears one of your greatest accomplishments.

            Recommended books: He’s Scared, She’s Scared: Understanding the Hidden Fears That Sabotage Your Relationships by Steven Carter

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              How to Choose the Right Psychic or Medium for You


              Of course, referral from someone you are close to or word-of-mouth is always the very best way to find the best psychic or medium for you. But, there are other ways. In particular, “before scheduling” a reading, you should always ask where you might be able to read testimonials and referrals about the psychic medium. That way, you have an opportunity to research and find a psychic that matches what you are looking for.

              I’ve been certified as a “Tested as Legitimte” psychic and medium by Bob Olson and am listed on the website. I am also on where I have numerous testimonials to my credit as do other psychic mediums on this website. These are actual client testimonials that have been vetted by the owner of this web site to insure credibility.

              For a Medium reading, again check for testimonials. But, also, make certain the Medium is an “Evidentiary” Medium, which means that the Medium should provide you with specific evidence that is unique to the spirit when he/she was on this earthly plane. In this way, you can confirm that you are receiving communication from and/or about the correct spirit.

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                When a friendship changes

                Thoughts on Outgrowing Friends


                If you’re like I am, you may struggle with the term “outgrowing a friend.” It sounds arrogant to me. I’m not “better” than my friends, so how could I “outgrow” one of them? Makes me feel a lot of guilt, regret, loss and sadness. I don’t know if “outgrowing a friend” is really the most coherent way to express what happens when someone just really simply finds that they want to spend their time in a different way, or their new job is taking all of their time or they’ve developed different interests, they have a baby, etc., etc., etc.

                THINGS JUST CHANGE!!!

                Fundamentally, I believe that there is ALWAYS a GOOD that comes from CHANGE even though the change may contain suffering and some very dark feelings. So go ahead and let yourself “feel” guilt, loss, regret and the sadness that comes from “outgrowing-a-friend.” Then soften and REMEMBER the POSITIVE INFLUENCES of the relationship. Finally, CHERISH and HONOR the relationship as it will always be a unique, special part of your life and self.

                Compassionately, Bee


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                  Love of Leaves

                  Love of Leaves!


                  What is it about walking on a trail with a special someone that makes us Fall even deeper into love this time of year?

                  The smells, colors of the season, the “I need hot cider” moment, crackling fire or is it the brief-leafness-of-the-moment? I think they all contribute to form a deep yearning inside that wants us to nest and seek shelter.

                  The briefness of Fall, particularly in my part of the country up in the Rocky Mountains is so bittersweet. The leaves are so brilliantly glorious today and the temperature is a pleasant 72 degrees. Yet, there is a storm brewing with clouds moving in this afternoon and a forecast of up to 20 inches of snow for tonight.

                  I must keep reminding myself to enjoy today, this very moment, and keep looking at the golden leaves of aspens. Those forever-in-motion aspen leaves–even when there seems no breeze!

                  Fall is Spirit’s reminder to enjoy this present moment and love those leaves; as, soon they disappear!



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                    What Autumn Gives Us!!!

                    What Fall Gives Us!


                    All our “doing” was in summer and now we crave to slumber!



                    At nearly 7000 ft. here in the Colorado Mountains, the days are growing shorter and sweaters are required. I walk the bike path and see many very furry, golden caterpillars undulating away from me to seek shelter–will the snow be deep?  There are signs of black bear in the yard reminding me that they’re gorging themselves on up to 20,000 calories a day before going into hibernation. For the second morning in September, there is snow upon the ski mountain. 

                    A time of introspection is upon us.  Nature provides this season for self-reflection, meditation and a time (or at least a yearning) for our minds to slow a bit.  All our “doing” was for summer and now we seek to rest.

                    Fall is also the time when we seem to reminisce about our loved ones who have passed on to the other side. It’s our memories of them that matter and the fall seems to allow us to reminisce more.

                    Some tools you can use to keep the line of communication open between you and your “loved-ones-in-spirit” are: 

                    1. . Verbally invite your loved ones into your dreams before you go to sleep.
                    2. . Speak out loud to your loved ones as they can hear you.
                    3. . Ask your loved ones for signs, such as movement of wind chimes or dimming of lights or some aberration of an electronic device as your loved ones are on a similar frequency and can affect these frequencies.

                     Finally, keep your loved ones in your heart and by your side as we enter this very special, reflective season.



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