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I can see clearly now?

I can see clearly now!!!

Bee Herz

Bee Herz

Yes, I have glasses on so I can see clearly now–maybe!!!

Seeing clearly doesn’t just involve sight. How many times have you had to take a “second look” at something to understand what you were seeing? Or ask, “what did you say” when you thought you hadn’t heard correctly?

As a psychic medium, I often have to do a “double take” not only with my sight; but, also, with what I’m hearing, smelling or feeling physically. Often, information and messages are foreign to me because I do not have a personal point-of-reference or knowledge of, or prior experience with whatever is being conveyed to me. In these situations, I hesitate to give the message until I’m certain it’s really what I’m seeing or hearing or feeling.

Actually, having to really pay attention to what I’m seeing in a psychic or medium reading has taught me to also do this when I’m not giving a psychic medium reading.

I always question my objectivity and whether what I’m seeing, hearing or feeling is in any way influenced by my personal life experiences, childhood rearing, family, friends, education or other belief systems.

I believe my best work is done when I am open to other ideas, cultures and points-of-view.

Openness allows me freedom to understand and really see the value of another human being,  their life philosophy and beliefs. I may end up not agreeing with the other person’s point of view but I can certainly accept that it is their human right to see and believe whatever they choose.

So, everyone sees through their own unique set of eyes, beliefs, philosophy, etc. and the more we all appreciate and respect this truth, the clearer we will be able to see.



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    Why I Meditate As A Psychic Medium

    beemeditatingsunsetI meditate for many reasons not the least of which is to improve my own personal sense of calm so that I may better serve those around me who are experiencing chaos.

    I have found that as a Psychic Medium, meditation is powerful in helping me to not be distracted by a person’s energy in a reading so that messages from spirit may flow. In this way, I am able to obtain a mental-spiritual-state of deep concentration when receiving messages from Spirit. If you want to up your intuition or psychic medium abilities, I suggest beginning a regular meditation practice that can greatly help you:

    1. 1. Help keep your mind clear and focused
    2. 2. Help ground your energy and raise your vibration so that you may receive clearer messages
    3. 3. Help develop a non-judgmental attitude with yourself and others
    4. 4. Help create greater compassion for all suffering

    On that last item, compassion brings love to all situations and relationships. With compassion, I am better able to see the suffering others are experiencing and this allows me to be more supportive of those going through their process to resolve their issues. Compassion results in an opening for all parties concerned: the victim as well as the perpetrator (think extra-marital affair).

    The use of compassion coupled with an open, non-judgmental mind allow healing channels to open and the purest and highest love to flow through to all who are suffering.

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      Do you want to lessen your BRAIN CHATTER???

      beemeditating5988Are you tired of hearing your brain “chatter” at all hours without your permission? You know, thinking non-stop about something that happened in your past or going over and over about what someone said to you. I’m going to let you in on a secret tool that will help:


      This is, in fact, a type of meditation and it works.

      LET ME introduce you to A FUNNY MEDITATION EXERCISE OK, so brace yourself, because this meditation gets a little bizarre. I want you to sit comfortably, preferably on a meditation cushion, close your eyes, breath-in-then-out then relax. Now, each time you exhale let your shoulders drop a little and release tension wherever you may be holding it.

      At the end of each exhalation, WATCH the SPACE that TAKES PLACE RIGHT before you take your next inhalation. Don’t watch the inhalation, stay with the SPACE and watch again at the end of your next exhalation for the SPACE. This SPACE is, generally speaking, where you always want your consciousness to return to and hang-out in for as long as possible. But, for today’s exercise we’re going to do the following:

      After you become really relaxed, I want you to imagine that there is a pesky fly or bee flying around your face and it is going to light on your face now and it begins walking around your mouth and nose area and now believe that it, perhaps, may walk up one of your nostrils.

      By now, you should be thoroughly annoyed and maybe a little fearful.

      SO, NOW BEGIN WATCHING HOW YOUR BRAIN IS HANDLING THE SITUATION and start LABELING what you are feeling as this imaginary bug is exploring your face. If it tickles, use the LABEL tickling; if it is starting to inch towards crawling up your nostril, watch your brain and label that feeling, perhaps LABEL it fear; if it is going to walk into your mouth, you might be feeling gross, so use the LABEL gross.

      Astonishingly, by WATCHING and LABELING your brain’s feelings, your brain actually will slow down and “soften” around whatever is taking place in your life.

      This very act of LABELING your own feelings ACTUALLY CHANGES the brain from immediately REACTING to a situation of being a THOUGHTFUL OBSERVER.


      NOW WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THEIR BRAIN TO CHANGE IN THIS WAY. Slowing the brain down allows you MORE TIME to become more MINDFUL and allows you to observe what you are FEELING in a RELATIONSHIP. Think about arguments and disagreements with your mate. Practice observing and silently labeling your feelings the next time you and your mate have a disagreement and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect.

      Everyone from A.M.A. doctors and psychiatrists to ministers of all faiths and religions endorse meditation to soothe the soul, manage anger and stress and improve life. It has become a mainstream tool for aleviating all sorts of stress related medical problems both psychical and mental.

      So, start small and just notice and label to see how meditation helps your life. Whatever you do, don’t judge how good or bad you’re doing and keep at it. Start with 5 to 10 minutes a day. More on meditation to come as well as a local summer meditation group on some very special meditation steps on a wonderful, raging mountain stream to help drown out your brain chatter.


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        Accomplishment, or not.

        accomplishment-[Converted]What have I accomplished? Is this question ever on your mind, like it is on mine? You know, even when we are able to accomplish everything on the daily to-do list, there is always that vague feeling of anxiety lurking around pestering us with questions of: What should we be “preparing” for; or, will we ever meet our long-term goals, etc. It’s as though the clock keeps ticking; and, before we know it, another day, week, month or year is gone; and, worse yet, won’t return!!! Now, are you stressed? I am.

        I do have a few things I practice that really help de-stress and/or refocus me that I’d like to share with you:

        The first thing I have found helpful is to stop whatever I’m doing during the day and assess what I have accomplished. Sometimes, I really surprise myself with the number of things I have accomplished. So, this practice allows me the opportunity to give myself some “attaboys” for the things I have done. I have found this practice to often lift my spirits. Particularly, when I am feeling as though I am behind the 8-ball, so to speak. Then, I can breathe a sigh of relief and continue the day.

        The second thing I do is stand up and literally shake my arms and body in all different directions to remove the cobwebs. I think this helps me get fresh oxygenated blood to my brain. Afterwards, I always feel refreshed and seem to more easily concentrate when receiving psychic medium messages from spirit.

        For things I want to accomplish in the longer term, I keep a list and then on a regular basis, I sit down and I really assess what I have done to get closer to the things I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I ask myself honest questions, such as, do I really want to speak at such and such event, what else do I need to do to prepare for traveling and speaking, writing my book and teaching. These lists get updated based on my life and priorities and by writing these things down and assessing them on a periodic basis, I am able to “free-my-mind” to work on any one of them in the present with full concentration and intent. Through this practice, I am able to get closer to the goals I want to accomplish.

        What insights and tricks-of-the-trade do you use to help accomplish your goals?

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          What Is In Your Future?



          Bee Herz talks about what's in your future.

          As a psychic medium and spiritual coach, I am accustomed to hearing the question: What is going to happen in my future.

          All of us want to hear that something great is going to happen in our future.

          GUESS WHAT: Something great is going to happen in each and everyone of our futures. GUESS WHAT AGAIN!!! Something disagreeable is also going to happen in our futures.

          Our futures are like ocean waves. Our current wave may be calm and gentle and seemingly predictable. Then there is a change and a storm moves in on a wave and the future waves become irrational, unpredictable and powerfully destructive. Each wave comes into our view and is different from the last and so are our futures. But know this truth, there is one thing all waves have in common: “Each wave comes onto the shore and then it dissolves.” 

          For those who are able to KNOW the waves and situation will change no matter what, there can be a lessening of the fear and worry and a soothing of the soul.

          Our lives, and, in fact our minds and thinking, are so similar to those beloved ocean waves. The waves come onto shore just like our thoughts come into our minds. If you can remember that the wave arrives; but, finally dissolves, and apply this to your worries and fears, you will be left with HOPE and PEACE OF MIND.

          I also want to be a part of your future and know that just like the thousands of others I have assisted in the past, I can help you with the messages and direction that I receive from spirit and your personal guides to guide you in your ocean of life.

          Always remember, “Each wave comes onto shore and then dissolves.”

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            Personal Spring-Sprouting and Visualization



            Bee Herz on How to Use Visualization for Spring Cleaning/Sprouting


            It’s spring!!! Do you want to sprout yourself, personally?

            You know, do you want to implement a new idea or grow in some area of your life? A lot of us want to grow spiritually and a lot of us want to grow in wealth. These are not mutually exclusive. Although, I believe to grow spiritually, it is necessary to take time to learn to concentrate and open to the Divine.

            Or, do you want to sprout (start) a new attitude regarding life struggles and issues. Or start a business or change a career path, learn something new or get physically fit? How about healing a relationship or letting one begin or end?

            You’ve heard it before, SPRING is a time for renewal. A time for growth and a time to perhaps question our views of what is going on in our world.

            If you need to sprout something in your life, one of the ways to do so is to VISUALIZE what it is that you want to attain.  Visualization is a powerful tool that separates amateurs from professionals, i.e., it works and it pays off and it is used by many from olympic atheletes to surgeons in an operating room.  The good news is that visualization works for anyone willing to practice and concentrate and it’s free.

            For example, let’s assume you want to begin a whole new career path, let’s say (since it’s April) as a tax accountant and you need to go back to school. So even before signing up for classes, begin by first VISUALIZING your goal: VISUALIZE yourself sitting at your desk in your new office with your name plate on your desk and a client sitting on the other side of your desk. Relax and continue VISUALIZING the conversation you’re having with the client, obtaining their business or personal information and explaining to them what services you are offering.  Continue and VISUALIZE the client signing up for your services and then shaking hands and thanking them and indicating you’re looking forward to working with them and assuring them you are committed to making a positive impact to their bottom line. THEN, go sign up for the courses you’ll need to attain this new career and anytime the course gets tough, take a few minutes and go back to the original VISUALIZATION. It is amazing how effective visualization is in getting a person back on track and focused on the end result. Visualization clearly refreshes and energizes those times when the work in attaining your objective becomes difficult, tiring or even boring.

            VISUALIZATION is a proven method for attaining a goal and winning and it is just one of many methods for growing/changing an area in your life.

            If you’d like to find out about other methods and sign up for a series of intuitive coaching sessions that are personally-tailored methods from Spirit for you to attain your goals, call my office to sign up for my intuitive coaching sessions, 970-871-4594.


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              Control Freak???


              Do you have a “control freak” trait in your personality??? I certainly have this trait!!! I still have situations where I have to consciously remind myself to let the universe and my guides take over whatever impossible circumstance I’m trying to control.

              So, I went to college for 6 years to become an Industrial Designer and then landed a great job as a designer in a fast-paced design business. My goal was to be a big success in the career path I had worked so hard to get into. But, after a few short years in my job, I was forced to leave my career. Later, to further complicate my life, I had to go back to Colorado to care for my mother who had cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and would do anything for her and have no regrets. But, I again LOST ALL CONTROL. I felt fear for my future and my life goals and believed I was a failure.

              During what I perceived to be a big disruption to my career and goals, I started to really be able to listen to my heart and soul and to my friends and associates. Not being able to control my situation, my future or my mother’s illness forced me to STOP trying to control it all, and turn everything over to the universe and my guides. This allowed me to reassess and redirect my life to follow my true passion of being able to help people. Eventually, I allowed my psychic medium messenger expertise to take over and I put out my psychic medium shingle.

              My inability to remain in control of my life led me to a completely different life career and path. One that completely fulfills me while being able to help others.

              Instead of trying to be in control all of the time, I now have learned to do the opposite (usually, after I notice I’m in control mode). I EXPAND my consciousness, allow the universe and my guides to take over and LET GO OF CONTROL.

              Then and only then, do I really KNOW and TRUST that whatever is in my very best interest will take place.

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                Is the Universe Punishing Me?



                Is the Universe Punishing Me?  NO!!! Emphatically, NO.

                Really, have you ever had so many things go wrong in your life that you started asking  yourself whether or not the universe was punishing you for something? You know, one of those times when the car won’t start at the same time you lock yourself out of the house or the babysitter decides to quit while one of your colleagues uses one of your signature, brilliant ideas.

                Astonishingly, it is important to KNOW that when more than one thing goes wrong simultaneously, the universe is frequently signaling us to wake up, pay attention to life and goals and get ready for change.

                 If, when this happens, you feel sorry for yourself and have a tendency to lie around on the couch and eat Cheetos, you have to get-a-grip and get your booty off the couch. You need MOVEMENT.  Movement elevates your energy, which you’ll need for whatever the universe is signaling will be coming into your life. Good ways to elevate your energy include getting out of the house and walking, or staying inside and singing and dancing (my fav).

                 You can also start a Journal of Gratitude. YES, you are grateful for some things in your life.  It really helps attitude and energy to write down what we are grateful for instead of focusing on what’s wrong in our lives.

                 REMEMBER, the universe doesn’t punish. The universe sends lessons, signals, messages and situations for us to get ready for change.

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                  Plenty of Fish in the Sea

                  When it comes to dating, I think a lot of you will agree that women seem more hesitant than men to adopt an attitude of there’s plenty of fish-in-the-sea! Men seem to more readily accept when “she’s-just-not-that-into-me”! Guys go have a beer with friends and get on with life–generally speaking. We women need to question (sometimes ad nauseum) why he’s not calling us for more dates.

                  Please, it’s important to understand that I’m talking about “dating” not ending a long-time relationship.

                  In reality, both men and women really need to understand that there is more than just this person (I-am-currently-on-a-date-with) out there who is right for you. All of us need to TRUST and KNOW that it’s far better to let go and move on. If it’s meant to be, it will be; and, it will happen freely and naturally.

                  It is actually healthier to date more than one person because in the process of dating you’ll learn much about yourself and your wants and desires. In dating more, you’ll:

                  1. 1. Be better able to understand what traits you find in a mate that are acceptable and/or unacceptable.
                  2. 2. Gain additional self-confidence and this will allow you to make better use of your intuition when deciding who to go out with on a date.
                  3. 3. Grow as a person and find out things about yourself that will help your development in all relationships, personal, family, business, friendships, etc.

                  So, remember, before you find the right one, sometimes you have to allow yourself to “catch and release!”

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                    PASSION+PURPOSE = Life Currency

                    “Life currency is when your life has a flow that allows you to grow while others benefit from your existence” beeherz

                    What is it that you REALLY enjoy doing? Is it Art, Helping People, Numbers, Medicine, Working Alone, Working With People? You get the idea. Now, sit down and write a list of what you enjoy doing.

                    THEN, make another list of what your purpose is in this life. Oh, you say you don’t have a purpose! Then start small with some obvious purpose you serve. This may include many things. You may be a parent, so being a great parent and making certain your children have a well balanced education with food on the table would be a purpose. As well as being a good provider. Or, you’re a receptionist and your “current” purpose is to help clients make appointments with a doctor, etc. Or, you’re an attorney helping your clients and representing their best interests. You get the idea!

                    Finally, what kind of “life currency” is important to you. By currency, I mean, is money the most important thing for you in this life? Or, is happiness the most important? Or, is balance, the most important? Or, your spiritual connection? Your optimal “life currency” may change many times over the course of your life. But, if you are ready to really do the work and define your passion and purpose, your life currency will naturally follow.

                    The important thing to remember is if you can make a plan to identify your PASSION and combine that with your PURPOSE, you will automatically be able to attain and grow your LIFE CURRENCY (no matter what you want to have as your life currency).

                    Choose to let me help you identify your life currency by calling to schedule life coaching sessions with me today at 970-871-4525.

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