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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you think you might be a psychic, and don’t know what to do next?

We all have intuition. Our abilities as psychics depend strongly on the trust we have in our own intuition and the practice we put into using our special sensitivity regularly. Like any talent, there are a few people who possess more than others, but everybody has access to at least some intuition and ‘psychic ability’. While there are some so called psychic school and psychic universities available online, I suggest either working with someone professional whom you can trust, or even more beneficially, come to trust your own gifts.

What can psychics really tell you?

The more open and willing a client is to work with me, the more I can sense or pick up about them and their lives. Of course, sometimes the message is very strong if a departed beloved wants the client to know something, right then and there. . . but it is almost impossible for me to work with a rigid skeptic.  The sort of things you’ll discover can run the gamut:

  • Advice on business propositions
  • References about romantic interests
  • Where you’ve left your car keys
  • How you might specifically bring balance into your work life
  • How you can be a better mother to your son or daughter
  • What your aging pet wants for you when he/she passes away
  • Some approaches to take with your pressing legal problem
  • Guidance to improve your allergies or a vexing skin condition

How do you know your psychic is reliable?

Is the information you are receiving accurate and detailed? If a psychic tells you “you are going on a journey,” that’s way too general. If she tells you, “Your aunt Marge wants you to travel to Italy to visit the old homestead where there is something waiting for you in the corner of the old barn,” you might be speaking to a real psychic. (Or put in a real example of the kind of detail Bee gets.) There are many reliable psychics. And there are more frauds. Trust your own intuition and the psychic’s experience, when finding the proven psychic healer for you.

How do you know your psychic is for real?

Trust your intuition but do get referrals. At the very least, see if you can verify the testimonials. A reliable psychic reading is a powerful thing. You should always question who you’re meeting with on any level. Know you have free will, and know that the person sitting across from you or on the phone line might be channeling from a higher source, but is still human. It’s always good to be skeptical because you’ll know in your heart if it’s right or wrong.

Why should I pay for a psychic when I can get a free internet psychic reading?

Most free internet psychic readings are posted by intuitives who are just starting out and trying to gain business, or even by web-developers with computer software that generates bogus “psychic” readings. If you are turning to a psychic to help you with life decisions, don’t trust it to a free internet psychic reading or look to have a psychic chat online. Look for one who is among the best psychics in the USA! Make the investment and contact a reliable and proven psychic reader. As they say, you get what you pay for. A free psychic chat on line may not be reliable, authentic or, for that matter, true.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A Medium is a Psychic who can contact those who have passed on. Every Medium is psychic, but not every Psychic is a Medium.

Have you ever been personally contacted by a relative or pet who passed?

Yes – my maternal grandfather contacts me constantly. I always know he’s ‘there’ – I can smell his cigarette smoke, it’s so profound. Also my dog (who died in a car accident) often returned to play with me before we spread her ashes one spring. Out of the corner of my eyes I’d see her (a long haired dachshund) running by me, joyfully.

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