Accomplishment, or Not

What have I accomplished? Is this question ever on your mind, like it is on mine? You know, even when we are able to accomplish everything on the daily to-do list, there is always that vague feeling of anxiety lurking around pestering us with questions of: What should we be “preparing” for; or, will we ever meet our long-term goals, etc. It’s as though the clock keeps ticking; and, before we know it, another day, week, month or year is gone; and, worse yet, won’t return!!! Now, are you stressed? I am.

I do have a few things I practice that really help de-stress and/or refocus me that I’d like to share with you:

The first thing I have found helpful is to stop whatever I’m doing during the day and assess what I have accomplished. Sometimes, I really surprise myself with the number of things I have accomplished. So, this practice allows me the opportunity to give myself some “attaboys” for the things I have done. I have found this practice to often lift my spirits. Particularly, when I am feeling as though I am behind the 8-ball, so to speak. Then, I can breathe a sigh of relief and continue the day.

The second thing I do is stand up and literally shake my arms and body in all different directions to remove the cobwebs. I think this helps me get fresh oxygenated blood to my brain. Afterwards, I always feel refreshed and seem to more easily concentrate when receiving psychic medium messages from spirit.

For things I want to accomplish in the longer term, I keep a list and then on a regular basis, I sit down and I really assess what I have done to get closer to the things I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I ask myself honest questions, such as, do I really want to speak at such and such event, what else do I need to do to prepare for traveling and speaking, writing my book and teaching. These lists get updated based on my life and priorities and by writing these things down and assessing them on a periodic basis, I am able to “free-my-mind” to work on any one of them in the present with full concentration and intent. Through this practice, I am able to get closer to the goals I want to accomplish.

What insights and tricks-of-the-trade do you use to help accomplish your goals?