Developing Your Own Intuition

I mentioned something in my last blog: we all have intuition. Whether it’s as subtle as feeling that a used car salesman is trying to rip you off, or that a friend is struggling through a tough time, there are plenty of things you can sense without needing someone to tell it to you in words.We are taught, in our culture, that the only truth is in things that a person can prove.Well, if it’s proven that the salesman WAS trying to rip you off, or that your friend WAS having a hard time, does that make your original intuition more true?For me, part of developing intuition is trusting in it.

I am often asked how I developed my intuition.My psychic abilities came to me pretty strong—but there was a period where I honed them into the more acute sense that I use to make my living as a psychic medium today.I believe there are very concrete practices that can help you listen more closely to your intuition.And once you learn to listen, then you can train your senses, like you do your muscles at the gym!

Start listening to yourself.You’ve got a lot to say.Everyone does, even when they don’t think they do.In fact, when my clients come to see me, they wear much of their stories, histories, futures, and loved ones on them like clothes.We are all more transparent than we think we are.The first step in developing your intuition is to heighten your awareness of yourself.

Sit down.Close your eyes.Just start paying attention to what’s happening in your body.Are you breathing?(If not, start!)Pay attention to your breath, how it travels through your body.How is your body positioned?Where does your body touch the seat or the ground?Are there places in your body which feel pain?Do you feel tired?Do you feel sad?Energized?Elated?

As you ask yourself these questions (you can also have someone else read them to you, very slowly, to begin your training), let go of the answers as fast as they come.Let your mind relax.Be present in the moment; then let the moment pass.Though this exercise may feel pointless, it is an excellent way to start fine-tuning your sense of awareness.

Notice how certain people, places, and objects make you feel.Now that you’ve practiced tuning in to how you feel when it’s just you alone, take notice of how your breathing changes, how your mood changes, and how your body feels, around things and people that you encounter.Try not to predict what those feelings will be—just take note of them when they happen.Does a special picture bring on a wave of nostalgia?Does a co-worker’s presence in the room bring you a sense of peace?Do you feel edgy entering a certain space?

Write down your dreams.Dreams can be playgrounds for the unconscious awareness we carry throughout the day.Before you go to sleep, say a few words to yourself as a wish to remember your dreams in the morning (you’d be amazed how often this works!)As soon as you wake, without thinking, open the journal or notepad you’ve set beside your bed.Start writing in a stream of consciousness—again, try to let your brain relax.Keeping tabs on your dreams this way will begin to reveal things to you if you practice it.At first dreams are often just the garbage can for all those leftover thoughts you have during the day.But every once in awhile, you’ll remember a real gem…a message from a lost loved one, a reminder from a past self, a reassurance from a spiritual power.

These exercises are just the beginning of respecting, tuning into, and believing in the power of your own intuition—but you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I think, at the results!