Evidentiary Mediumship

The proof is in Grandma’s pudding


I give personal details when talking to the deceased, so you know for certain that a connection has been made. This is very difficult to do but it’s your proof, if you will, that I am really talking with your departed grandmother. The details are only ones that you and she would know. I let the ‘facts of the matter’ come through and don’t try to make them logical or fit the scenario. I simply observe the signals that are being given by the deceased in the highly focused conversation.

This is called ‘evidentiary mediumship’ and when it’s demonstrated, it’s awe-inspiring and even uplifts me, the one on the receiving end!

An example:
I was in session with a client and came in contact with her grandfather. He had died when she was just a child. Her recollections were few and far between, snippets really. Yet he presented himself to me that afternoon with a distinct aroma of a scented pipe tobacco, cherry actually. And I saw a plaid shirt and twinkling eyes. My client was taken aback. The single two mementos she had of her grandpop were a meerschaum pipe and a plaid bathrobe. And she always remembered his bright and sunny disposition.

I might add that this reading was done far from the client’s home where she kept those two mementos tucked away in archival boxes in her memory chest.

Being an evidentiary medium means that I don’t force fit anything – I don’t extrapolate or interpret. It either comes through or it doesn’t.

I have been able to give the name of an ex-husband’s girlfriend to my divorced client – right from her recently departed ex-mother-in-law’s lips. And then describe what the girlfriend looks like, right down to where the part of her hair lays.

These specifics are undeniable. There are no clues for me to pick up in the room I’m in. No one passed me this information before the session.

I didn’t Google it.

Instead, I ‘Godded’ it.

I believe there is more to our existence than the material. That there are things that go way beyond our five senses, that we are ‘extra-sensory’ – all of us. We can tune into the contiguous and infinite planes of space and time with sufficient openness and suspension of disbelief.

To me – there’s God in that expansion. And I just go for it!

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