Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things that make my readings unique.

First, I’m an evidentiary psychic medium, which means I will get down to the nitty-gritty to give you intricate details or evidence. For mediumship, you will receive very specific information about loved ones who have passed over. And for my psychic readings and intuitive coaching, you will receive very detailed information about what’s coming up for you. For example, instead of just saying you’ll meet a man in the next 6 months, I’ll psychically get the little details you need to prepare for it and you’ll be given a path to walk on to meet that person.

As part of a reading and coaching, I also share tools I intuitively “get” that will help you on your path. Remember, we can’t just get a reading and then sit home and wait for things to come to fruition! I share the information you need to make your reading a reality now. For mediumship, this may consist of steps to take for healing or ways you can connect with your loved one on your own. And for my psychic and intuitive work, you may receive steps to take concerning your business, relationship, or self-care.

I feel the presence of your departed relative and sometimes hear them say something to me directly. They might say my name or something will then happen to get my visual attention. A passing image in front of my eyes or a related thing comes suddenly into my perimeter. Then things happen quickly – like watching a movie screen – scenarios are played out; characters come center stage and then exit. I usually get a letter or a full name of the ‘visitor’ and check in with you (my client) – is THIS the person who might be trying to get your attention? The ‘story’ unfolds from there.

Yes! I work with people all over the world. You will just need to call the phone number you receive in your confirmation email.

I take payment through Once you select your reading time, you’ll be directed to the Pay Pal portal.

 You can ask me virtually anything. The only topics I do not get information on are health, past-lives, lottery, and gambling. I also do not connect with animals.
I do the majority of my readings over the phone. I connect just as well with people through the phone as I do in-person. In fact, there is absolutely no difference in the quality of reading you will receive. But, if you’re in the Steamboat, CO area and you’d like to do an in-person consultation, please email me.
 To get the most out of your reading, I suggest that you call me from a quiet place where you will not be distracted. I also recommend that you write out questions you’d like to ask prior to the reading. This way, you won’t forget to ask anything!