As I was meditating with Spirit this morning, I kept hearing the word “Forgive.” I really didn’t want to hear it anymore so I tried to block it. To no avail, as I then started seeing the word in my mind’s eye, “Forgive,” then “4-give” then in cursive style handwriting “Forgive.”

I gave in and consciously allowed Spirit to communicate with me and this is what I heard:

“Forgive Immediately”

“The longer you hold onto the pain, the more difficult it is to forgive”

Now, the first message resonated with me right away. Recently, there were instances where I allowed my feelings to be hurt by someone directing offensive remarks towards me. With these messages from Spirit, I realized that my pain from those remarks was intended to shift and quickly.

In less time than a blink-of-an-eye, I let all of the pain go by forgiving them. It felt as though I was erasing a chalkboard. I realized that those that struck out at me were the ones who were suffering with their own original pain. I was free and sadly the ones who offended me were the real victims. They were simply acting out their pain from their OLD WOUNDS.

I think you’ll agree that it’s easier to forgive someone who is wounded, suffering in pain and cannot control themselves at the moment.

Now that second message (“The longer you hold onto the pain, the more difficult it is to forgive”) was also directed at me and it was more difficult. I had to work harder on this message and at first, I stalled.

I was still holding onto what I can now call some sanctimonious pain and hurt from some old hurts  that had happened years ago.

Then the bullhorn kicked in again with “FORGIVE”!!!

So, I worked on letting it go and at first I felt empty! Could I have been holding on to this old pain and allowing it to somehow DEFINE ME? That sounded sicko’ and a little psycho!!!

Now I was asking SPIRIT to help me forgive this old hurt and letting go of my sense of self. Like a cool breeze coming through the window on a hot and sultry August day, an amazing grace and ease came over me and a huge spaciousness took over the space that had formerly been tight with pain and hurt.

As a result of this experience, I feel that I am now far freer to be able to not let things bother me and to really recognize the value of shedding hurts and allowing SPIRIT to help in letting go.

I experienced the “FORGIVE” miracle. My hope is that you will too!!!