Good News or Bad News – Who’s to Say?

When new clients call me, they sometimes want to hear that things are going to turn out well for them. They are hoping that the promotion that they’re in line for will happen or that the person they have a big crush on will call them back. Today.

A credible psychic can see your hopes and dreams – but also what’s behind them. We can see what’s going to come up for you, without judgment. We can pull back the curtain of your being and see what life lessons you need, as well as what you want.

Thoughtful psychics help you see your life from a higher perspective. Truly: what might look like bad news often isn’t.

You may have heard the Buddhist parable about a farming couple’s only child – a son – having broken his leg and being unable to till the fields. This seemed like a tragedy, until the military came to inscript their son, and suddenly turned away from the humble house when they saw the young man’s leg in a cast. The couple felt so relieved.

His leg soon healed and the son was able to help on the farm again, and they found this fortunate – until . . .

Well, you can see how this story is headed. You just don’t know if a wind blows ill or balmy. Even those adjectives don’t do the circumstances any justice. Circumstances just are.

You will have circumstances happen, and you may interpret them as a tragedy or a blessing, but one can be the other – in the end. A blessing may come in the form of a curse. Some time after your husband was unfaithful, you have a new rich life, full of delight. Was the betrayal really your undoing, or rather your unfolding?

Good News/Bad News. Who’s to say? I tell the truth as I see it – and help you understand the reason for the thing that is about to occur in your precious life. I give it context and help you come to grace with what’s impending and think about its implications.

And I do believe in free will. You can change the course of events. Yes you’ll get the part in the Broadway play, but you’ll want to think twice about taking it. Your husband hasn’t been feeling well lately, taking many days off of work and seeming frail. Pay attention. So focused on achievement, you could miss some markers on the road to success.

I also help my clients come to know what is truly success for them. I read layers of their energies – what you seemingly want presents itself first. I can go in deeper than that. The energy becomes more transparent to me and I see the inner yearning – beyond the ‘presenting’ one. You may be hoping for a promotion, but really want a baby. Or vice versa! Or both!

In this way, I’m a psychic coach. Helping you to know the future, to understand its message and meaning, and to make plans based on what your heart really, deeply, terribly, utterly wants. What is best for you at all levels of your being.

And that’s just got to be good news!