Happy New “YOU”

I admit I am not a big fan of going out on New Year’s Eve. I used to celebrate a “Roaring” New Year’s Eve with: a pizza ordered-in; some comfy PJ’s; watching the Times Square ball drop on TV; and a long-winter’s nap!

Afterwards, I’ve often encouraged friends to tell me about their celebrations. I think it’s so I can live vicariously through them all dressed up and out at a swanky party, sipping ring-in-the-New-Year champagne.

What I’ve done the last couple of New Year’s has greatly benefited me and I’ll be doing it again this year. I go on a “private” retreat for myself. Thus far, my retreat is limited in size to two attendees: Spirit and me. I begin on New Year’s Eve by SLOWING DOWN and meditating with Spirit. This really opens my heart and deepens my focus, concentration and connection to Spirit. The intent of the retreat is really two-fold: to deepen my spirituality and to receive direction and messages for my own self-improvement. Spirit communicates by letting me receive messages to create a better me for the upcoming year, which in turn creates a happier new year. Although much of the retreat is soothing and spa-like, some parts of it are inevitably un-relaxing and arduous like a corporate retreat for a planning session. Spirit messages are often difficult messages to receive and process and/or involve a lot of personal strenuous effort for me in the new year. Yet, my experience has been that when I choose to be open and really listen and do the work involved with the messages, my life has consistently and rapidly shifted to embrace and integrate the changes needed for me to evolve and improve my life.

For those of you who are wanting to stay in your PJ’s and get down to some real work with Spirit over New Year’s Eve and holiday, here are the steps that I’ve found most helpful:

NEW YEAR’s EVE (Connecting Your “True-Self” with Spirit Meditation)

  1. Find a quiet place, turn off the phone, tell people you will be unavailable and prepare for focusing through meditation with Spirit.
  2. Dim the lights or use a candle to calm your senses and sit in a comfortable, upright position.
  3. Begin inhaling and exhaling and consciously focus on the space at the end of your exhalation.
  4. Partially close your eyes and gaze down at a point about 1 foot in front of you.
  5. Try and still your mind through your breath and SLOW down everything.
  6. Continue to inhale and exhale focusing on the space at the end of your exhalation.
  7. When your mind starts to wander simply bring it back to your breathing.
  8. Continue practicing this for 20 minute intervals.
  9. It’s best to be sitting for this practice to ensure that you stay awake, as the purpose is to focus and stay in the space where your “true-self” resides with Spirit and the universe.
  10. When you start this practice, you may only be able to sit for one 20 minute meditation period and that is fine. I like using a timer because it allows my mind to be FREE from concern over how long I’ve been meditating.
  11. It is extremely important to not JUDGE yourself on anything related to meditating. KNOW that ALL MEDITATIONS ARE GOOD, even the ones where your mind wanders and you are fidgety. When your mind runs amok, remember to GENTLY bring yourself back to continue the meditation.

NEW YEAR’S DAY (Receiving Spirit Messages)

  1. Begin the same way as above for meditation
  2. This time make certain you have pencil and paper or computer as you will be writing down messages from Spirit.
  3. Make certain you have become sufficiently relaxed and focused through meditating.
  4. Consciously ask Spirit: “What do I need to do in the next year”?
  5. Start writing down whatever messages and words that drop into your consciousness, including images, sounds, colors, emotions and smells.
  6. If you get excited about a message you are receiving, write it down and immediately go back to your breath and refocus on meditation.
  7. When you have sufficiently calmed down, ask Spirit again: “What do I need to do in the next year”?
  8. Keep writing until you feel, hear or know that the messages have stopped for this session.
  9. Slowly come back to the present.
  10. Always remember to STRETCH your body slowly as there is a body, mind and spirit connection that needs to be interwoven after such a session.

When you are able to have time to read your messages, try and stay open and not judge them. Remember, Spirit has given us free-will in this life as well as control over our decision making. With Spirit’s blessing, we can choose to listen and take action or to not listen and not take action at all times. Spirit knows whether we will use the messages or not; and, Spirit accepts our decisions in total. If you require more clarity, you may wait to do another meditation after a few days and ask for more specific information on a particular subject.

Don’t be surprised if some of your messages are daunting. Spirit wants us to have faith in ourselves and confidence that we can accomplish what may seem nearly impossible, if not for Spirit’s help and encouragement.

Remember these messages are to inspire and move you towards a better life and often this can take some real effort and work on your part.

With Spirit always nearby, you can always return to your special retreat place with your “true-self” to ask for guidance and strength in continuing on your path.

The process works for me and I’m confident it will work for you. If you are a psychic medium, this practice will also greatly improve your psychic focus and the ability to improve your connection with Spirit.

So, find your special retreat space and from me to you, “Happy New YOU.”