How to be psychic

When you are living life in the moment and your heart is wide open – you might become aware of a new sub-text to what’s apparently happening. Your senses tell you something’s ‘up’ for you. For instance: you perceive a person is sad. That right there is beginning to exercise your psychic muscle. Then, you tune in purposefully from there. You watch and wonder and allow. You get the strong sense that the sadness is actually grief. Feel a portion of it for the sad person who is in your presence. Don’t deny the experience. Take it in. Your hearts are linked without even a word being exchanged.

Yup, it IS grief.  Now perhaps ask a loved-filled question – something that might seem quite innocent, like: “how did your life go this week?” You know that the first few replies will be guarded – but wait for the emotion to come through….and then ride that wave WITH the sad person. Feelings will emerge and he or she will share uncommonly because you are present as no one has been before.

And the unfolding began with a simple perceptual hunch that this person was sad.

The words “presence” and “psychic” are so similar. Few of us actually know what it IS to be present. We know how to get our bodies into position and be physically ‘there’– but our minds are unfocused and our hearts are habitually closed off.  We’ve shown up but we are distracted, self-protective and often self-absorbed.

If you can instead become absorbed outside the self – well, that’s the secret about how to be psychic. Quiet your monkey mind (the one that’s chattering away at you) and instead be profoundly connected with your immediate surroundings – that’s the way to heighten your intuition.

Get out of your own way, make a trust-pact with life for a daring afternoon, and then – courageously – go for an Alice In Wonderland trip behind the looking glass into a sixth dimension.

Be open. Seek to be present. Take in huge wiffs of life. Stop worrying and fill your heart and soul with wonder. Taste. Smell. Hear. Touch. See. The fivenses help you cross over into a riveting sixth dimension, where you find a knowingness that is at once accurate and astounding.

How to be psychic? How to know who’ll be coming around the corner when she comes ….or where to find a missing sock (or person!) Well, It takes practice –practice being OPEN. After you’ve experienced your intuition and find it to be reliable – it might become overwhelming. But that’s a blog for another day.

For now:
Be Present. Be Psychic.