How To Contact The Dead

Did you ever hold a “séance” when you were a kid? You know – when you turned out the lights in a cozy room, lit some candles, made up an incantation and held hands with your friends, trying to summon someone from the beyond? Or maybe you held a Ouija board on your knees and you and your best friend sat in wonder as the ‘moving oracle’ spelled out something from a playful spirit.

Those are ways of trying to contact the dead. But the operative word is ‘trying.’ Here’s news for you: you really can’t successfully reach a certain departed someone on purpose.

He or she has to come to you.

It’s not like a house call you’re making – going to a certain celestial address and knocking at the door. Trust me: they just aren’t home. Instead, these spirits are everywhere, diffused and observant energy, finding receptive live humans to communicate with.

So instead of contacting the dead, you have to wait until that soul wants to reach out to you – via a medium or directly. Be open to their contacting you and keep your senses alive and keen. Your heart needs to be open each and every day. They might make themselves known.

I get contacted regularly by people who have passed. They know I’m open to their vibrations, if you will. They entreat me to make contact with the living and reassure them about any number of things, but primarily about how they left life. They want particular people to know it was not a painful passing and that they are OK. More than OK, actually. They are free spirits in every sense of the word now. Lifted up out of the everyday into a new dimension of, yes, existence.

You might want to know how a soul makes him or herself known to me. Well that is going to be my next blog. . . all the different ways a soul has ‘materialized’ in my presence. Trust me, those souls can be emphatic – including in their bag of tricks, extreme smells and particular sounds that can only be associated with them. I’m remembering peach pie at this very moment; the aroma a grandmother conjured up was beyond words – and her granddaughter got the message loud and clear.