I Can See Clearly Now?

I can see clearly now?

Yes, I have glasses on so I can see clearly now–maybe!!!

Seeing clearly doesn’t just involve sight. How many times have you had to take a second-look at something to understand what you were seeing? Or ask, “what did you say” when you thought you hadn’t heard correctly?

As a psychic medium, I often have to do a double-take not only with my sight; but, also, with what I’m hearing, smelling or feeling physically. Often, information and messages are foreign to me because I do not have a personal point-of-reference or knowledge of, or prior experience with whatever is being conveyed to me. In these situations, I hesitate to give the message until I’m certain it’s really what I’m seeing or hearing or feeling.

Actually, having to really pay attention to what I’m seeing in a psychic or medium reading has taught me to also do this when I’m not giving a psychic medium reading.

I always question my objectivity and whether what I’m seeing, hearing or feeling is in any way influenced by my personal life experiences, childhood rearing, family, friends, education or other belief systems.

I believe my best work is done when I am open to other ideas, cultures and points-of-view. Openness allows me freedom to understand and really see the value of another human being,  their life philosophy and beliefs. I may end up not agreeing with the other person’s point of view but I can certainly accept that it is their human right to believe and see whatever they choose.

So, everyone sees through their own unique set of eyes, beliefs, philosophy, etc. and the more we all appreciate and respect this truth, the clearer we will be able to see.