Is the Universe Punishing Me?

Is the Universe Punishing Me?  NO!!! Emphatically, NO.

Really, have you ever had so many things go wrong in your life that you started asking  yourself whether or not the universe was punishing you for something? You know, one of those times when the car won’t start at the same time you lock yourself out of the house or the babysitter decides to quit while one of your colleagues uses one of your signature, brilliant ideas.

Astonishingly, it is important to KNOW that when more than one thing goes wrong simultaneously, the universe is frequently signaling us to wake up, pay attention to life and goals and get ready for change.

If, when this happens, you feel sorry for yourself and have a tendency to lie around on the couch and eat Cheetos, you have to get-a-grip and get your booty off the couch. You need MOVEMENT.  Movement elevates your energy, which you’ll need for whatever the universe is signaling will be coming into your life. Good ways to elevate your energy include getting out of the house and walking, or staying inside and singing and dancing (my fav).

You can also start a Journal of Gratitude. YES, you are grateful for some things in your life.  It really helps attitude and energy to write down what we are grateful for instead of focusing on what’s wrong in our lives.

REMEMBER, the universe doesn’t punish. The universe sends lessons, signals, messages and situations for us to get ready for change.