Lavender in the Mountains


Several years ago, I gave a medium reading to a woman whose young adult daughter had tragically died from drinking too much wine while being on pain pills for a bad back. From the start, I was really hesitant to give the reading because there had only been 2 months since the death and I usually insist on a minimum of 6 months. Yet, the mother was so insistent that I agreed to go ahead with the reading.

This was an in-person reading which I rarely do because I don’t want the client’s energy or appearance interfering with the messages from the deceased. I really prefer doing readings over the phone so I can better focus on the messages coming from the other side.

I started the reading session and began receiving great visuals of a very beautiful young woman with red hair which her mother excitedly confirmed. The reading went on to reveal other personal details and then the messages became more general in nature. However and understandably, the mother was starting to cry and becoming distraught in the reading to such a degree that I was having difficulty focusing and hearing the daughter’s messages. I wanted to comfort and be with the mother; but, she kept telling me she was okay and to please continue with the reading.

So, just as I typically do, I asked to receive additional evidence to give to the mother that the messages were coming from her daughter. However the messages were really becoming faint and I thought I may not receive anymore.

Then, in one last muffled and confusing message, the daughter said something about LAVENDER and since the only word I could really make out was LAVENDER, I simply state that she’s saying something about lavender. To which her mother responded: “I have NO IDEA what LAVENDER means and that must not be a message from my daughter.”

The session ends and I walk the mother to her car and she thanks me and we part.

Days go by and then I receive a phone message from the mother who in a very excited voice says: “Oh Bee, I figured out what LAVENDER means. My daughter apparently had a new kitten that I didn’t know about that her friend was keeping for her until my daughter could get back on her feet. The kitten’s name is LAVENDER”!!!

I called her back and she was so happy to find out that LAVENDER was a real surprise message from her daughter as well as a living gift that would be a remembrance of her daughter’s life.