As a psychic, I receive questions on every aspect of love, including:


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:



The Ugly

“Is he/she having an affair”? Hmmm! Hopefully, not; but, sometimes, yes, sadly! You know, it’s, also, important to realize that there are times when the “affair question” is the result of something directly experienced in a past relationship by the person asking the question. I know we all know that PTLD (Post Traumatic Love Disorder) isn’t a medical disorder found in an AMA manual; yet, those of you who have suffered from PTLD are probably nodding your head, saying: “Preaching to the Choir Bee”!

A big help for the horrific feelings accompanying PTLD is to gain space, journal like a crazy person, then clear the cobwebs and allow clarity to hopefully take form.

If the “special someone” is in fact doing the cheating, “Take the L out of Lover–it’s Over”! Easy for me to say! Not at all easy to do! We all want to forgive, keep the relationship going or the family together. Marriage or relationship counseling is the best chance for survival; as well as, a lot of personal growth and soul searching by both people.

The Bad

“Is he/she coming back to me”? Maybe! This question requires serious, pure, psychic, spirit-guide messages and direction and usually a lot of self-work. I know you’re in a world of hurt when calling over this situation. There is so much work to be done; and, the work assignment that you may receive can be extremely rewarding for you. Really, the direction and “work-on-you” activity that comes through spirit will result in either getting back to your beloved or moving on to a bright, shiny new love.

Many have been shown how to get off the roller coaster of love and “take care of numero uno” first and go get a massage. Yes, you read it correctly—take care of yourself first and learn to love yourself so that you can truly love others.

Concentrating on yourself shifts your energy and allows you to feel better about yourself; and, the new positive shift in your energy attracts the opposite sex. It is a “win-win” in the crazy whirlwind of getting your life back!

The Good

“Is this real”? I just met a person and they are treating me like I have always wanted to be treated–is this real? YES! YES! YES! Go with it–do not sabotage the relationship. YOU deserve all the goodness from a mature relationship! Enjoy the ride–invite me to the wedding!!! I am a sucker for weddings–maybe it’s just the cake? So just accept that you have found happiness and that you have attracted a person that matches what you asked the universe to provide.

Happy Valentines Week to everyone in all situations of love!


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