The other day, someone asked me: “How do miracles happen”? Yikes, I thought, what is this? Is it time to play, “Stump the Psychic”???

Sometimes, I “feel” (through no fault other than my own) as though I should have the answers to every question on anything to do with spirituality. Of course, I don’t. But I find myself expecting to have a “guru” response. This wasn’t going to happen and even though the thought crossed my mind to try at least to look like a guru, it wasn’t happening!!!

So, I did the honorable thing and admitted that I didn’t know. Later, I found myself wanting to meditate on the question and as a result, this is what I heard from Spirit:

“Miracles only happen when hearts are open”


“Let go of expectations”

That’s it, two sentences. I had hoped for more detail.

However, today, as often happens (things sink-in for me afterwards), the meaning of these statements resonated with amazing clarity.

As humans, we have freewill. This means that to a large degree, we can choose our paths and who we want and don’t want in our lives as well as what we believe and don’t believe. Often, we have exacting, tightly-held expectations of what specific miracle we want for ourselves.

Miracles are DIVINE and meant to be for our (and other’s) best and highest interests on our journey here in life. For miracles to happen, we must choose to have open-hearts and minds so that there is room for the miracle to be experienced by us. In order to allow miracles in our lives, we must drop our expectations of the outcome we want and allow the DIVINE intervention to direct the end result.

We need to be ready and know that there will be more miracles in our futures because they are happening continually in our lives. Although you may be suffering at this moment, if you reflect on your life, you’ll notice that there really have been many serendipitous meetings and occurrences that were full of miracles. Each of our lives is a miracle in itself.

All of us have moments when we have difficulty believing in miracles particularly when a ton-of-junk is thrown our way.

Remember, to keep your hearts and minds open and spacious and never give up HOPE as your life is going to experience another miracle.