“Life currency is when your life has a flow that allows you to grow while others benefit from your existence” beeherz

What is it that you REALLY enjoy doing? Is it Art, Helping People, Numbers, Medicine, Working Alone, Working With People? You get the idea. Now, sit down and write a list of what you enjoy doing.

THEN, make another list of what your purpose is in this life. Oh, you say you don’t have a purpose! Then start small with some obvious purpose you serve. This may include many things. You may be a parent, so being a great parent and making certain your children have a well balanced education with food on the table would be a purpose. As well as being a good provider. Or, you’re a receptionist and your “current” purpose is to help clients make appointments with a doctor, etc. Or, you’re an attorney helping your clients and representing their best interests. You get the idea!

Finally, what kind of “life currency” is important to you. By currency, I mean, is money the most important thing for you in this life? Or, is happiness the most important? Or, is balance, the most important? Or, your spiritual connection? Your optimal “life currency” may change many times over the course of your life. But, if you are ready to really do the work and define your passion and purpose, your life currency will naturally follow.

The important thing to remember is if you can make a plan to identify your PASSION and combine that with your PURPOSE, you will automatically be able to attain and grow your LIFE CURRENCY (no matter what you want to have as your life currency).

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