Personal Spring-Sprouting and Visualization

It’s spring!!! Do you want to sprout yourself, personally?

You know, do you want to implement a new idea or grow in some area of your life? A lot of us want to grow spiritually and a lot of us want to grow in wealth. These are not mutually exclusive. Although, I believe to grow spiritually, it is necessary to take time to learn to concentrate and open to the Divine.

Or, do you want to sprout (start) a new attitude regarding life struggles and issues. Or start a business or change a career path, learn something new or get physically fit? How about healing a relationship or letting one begin or end?

You’ve heard it before, SPRING is a time for renewal. A time for growth and a time to perhaps question our views of what is going on in our world.

If you need to sprout something in your life, one of the ways to do so is to VISUALIZE what it is that you want to attain.  Visualization is a powerful tool that separates amateurs from professionals, i.e., it works and it pays off and it is used by many from olympic atheletes to surgeons in an operating room.  The good news is that visualization works for anyone willing to practice and concentrate and it’s free.

For example, let’s assume you want to begin a whole new career path, let’s say (since it’s April) as a tax accountant and you need to go back to school. So even before signing up for classes, begin by first VISUALIZING your goal: VISUALIZE yourself sitting at your desk in your new office with your name plate on your desk and a client sitting on the other side of your desk. Relax and continue VISUALIZING the conversation you’re having with the client, obtaining their business or personal information and explaining to them what services you are offering.  Continue and VISUALIZE the client signing up for your services and then shaking hands and thanking them and indicating you’re looking forward to working with them and assuring them you are committed to making a positive impact to their bottom line. THEN, go sign up for the courses you’ll need to attain this new career and anytime the course gets tough, take a few minutes and go back to the original VISUALIZATION. It is amazing how effective visualization is in getting a person back on track and focused on the end result. Visualization clearly refreshes and energizes those times when the work in attaining your objective becomes difficult, tiring or even boring.

VISUALIZATION is a proven method for attaining a goal and winning and it is just one of many methods for growing/changing an area in your life.

If you’d like to find out about other methods and sign up for a series of intuitive coaching sessions that are personally-tailored methods from Spirit for you to attain your goals, call my office to sign up for my intuitive coaching sessions, 970-871-4594.