Psychic Messages For A Skeptic

When a skeptic calls me for a psychic reading, I really discourage them from booking. I’ve realized that a good reading is somewhat of a collaboration between psychic and client in that it’s nice to receive validation from the client that the messages I’m receiving for them are clear and sound like I’m describing their life, etc. Otherwise, it’s somewhat of a distraction for me to be alert for messages and wonder whether they are clearly intended for the client.

This story is about a skeptic whose friend insisted on her having a reading because they each needed a break from skiing and in the end I reluctantly agreed to do so. I need to also point out that the reading was done “back-in-the-day” when I did readings in person instead of over the phone. I’ve since learned that messages are easier to deliver over the phone so I’m not distracted by the person’s energy, appearance or mannerisms.

When it was time for the skeptic’s reading, she entered and had a seat in the chair across from me. I offered her tea and she didn’t reply. So, I asked her again and this time she responded with “I’m not talking during this reading.” She became stone faced and “cold-as-ice.” I asked her if she would mind shaking her head yes or no to my question: “Have you ever had a psychic reading before”? She shook her head “no” very vigorously.

I sat down, closed my eyes, relaxed and took a few very deep breaths and then began receiving and giving messages to her. Everything seemed to be flowing smoothly through me and I felt as though the messages were clearly for her. However, after a little more than halfway through our time, I received and then gave her the following information:

1.  “You need to purchase a hot wax machine for your feet to help with pain”

2.  “You will be caring for children in the not so distant future”

On that note, the skeptic stood up and angrily informed me that those messages could not apply to her and she left the room.

Once again, I knew I should have listened to my inner voice by refusing this reading.

I anguished over this experience, considered other careers and asked Spirit for guidance.

Finally, over time, I recognized that my lesson was to really listen to my inner voice and to find a way to keep someone else’s wounded behavior and anger from penetrating my being. I do this now using many methods including talking to myself and saying, “Stay centered” and “Return to One-with-Spirit.” I’m much better at this yet still a work-in-progress!!!

I somewhat lecture myself from time to time that I shouldn’t need reassurance and sit with Spirit regularly and BREATH DEEPLY.  However, in this situation, I did receive reassurance not directly from the skeptic but indirectly.

Her friend returned for additional readings and let me know that her non-believing friend now believed in psychics and that I was the reason.

The skeptic had unfortunately developed plantar fasciitis in her heel and then arthritis in her foot. She then remembered that one of her messages was to purchase a hot wax machine for her feet so she did and I was told that it really did help lessen her pain. Additionally, she had no children and wasn’t interested in being around them. Yet, when her job moved to another city, she moved with it and settled next door to a home with a little boy who somehow charmed her into interacting with him and she ended up adoring him and helping his single parent care for him. She now describes him as a joy in her life.

So, in the end, not only did I receive a life lesson, the skeptic did as well.