Psychic Reading

Looking for psychic guidance on your life direction, a relationship, a move, or your career? Want to know the next steps to take to create a more purposeful, fulfilling life? If so, then a psychic reading is the best place to start. Here’s what to expect during our psychic reading:

  • I start off by tuning into your energy and guides to share psychic insight into your life. Some of the things I address are the current themes in your life, the direction you’re heading, and your soul’s highest path.
  • You will receive details from me.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions, so be sure to write some down beforehand. You can ask me virtually anything! (Well almost anything. I don’t give health advice, any gambling predictions, or lottery numbers. Now, if for some reason winning lottery numbers do come up in your reading, you might have a psychic living on your couch.)
  • I also draw on my intuition and guides to share the action steps you need to take to step onto your highest path. Whereas a typical psychic reading focuses primarily on giving you the predictions, I delve far beyond just predictions to also share my intuitive insight into what you can do now to make your highest desires a reality. As helpful as predictions are, remember you can’t just sit home munching on bon bons while you wait for life to bring you that promotion or amazing man. You still have to take action after a reading.
  • Do not be afraid or nervous! The messages you receive are never scary. And I never bite! There are no Ouija boards or special candles you have to buy. We just tune in and start talking.
  • All readings are 100% confidential.
  • I offer 30-minute psychic readings over the phone.
  • Up to two other people can join in a reading for additional cost.
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Just a few important notes: If you want psychic guidance and strategy on your business, please indicate in NOTES after booking.

If you’re looking to connect with a deceased love one, please choose the mediumship reading option.