Really! "You're Fired"!!!

I know this is not your finest hour, your defining moment of choice; however, it can be. I am not going to tell you “this is happening for a Divine reason” or “things are shifting so you can discover why this crap keeps happening.” I feel your pain–yes, I have been at the boardroom of “you’re fired” and the last thing I needed or wanted was to spend my last bit of savings to hear some smug woo-woo psychic tell me “I should be happy there is a purpose in all this.” I say bullpucky!

I am here to get you through this with messages; and, wait for it–TOOLS!

When a psychic tells you, “yes, you will have a job in 12 weeks,” that is great. However, you need to know the: how, where, when and what? And why! These are TOOLS my jobless amigos.

What do I expect from you? Yes, you read correctly…I expect! I only want you if you’re ready to shake your moneymaker and be ready to work. On what? You ask? Well that is the secret sauce which you will divinely get via MESSAGES+TOOLS=JOB.

Put down your remote and bag of Cheetos; crawl out from under your covers because it is time to let BEE INTUITIVE help you help me help you. I’m here to help you see your passion and make some pesos livin’ the dream!