Remove The Mask

I thought this would be a timely subject to blog about since Halloween was yesterday. Seriously, wearing a mask for the use of not revealing ourselves to others is very common for many reasons, such as:

1. Nervousness in a job interview

2. Embarrassment

3. Self-consciousness

4. Shyness

5. Hiding something that bothers us about ourselves through not talking about it.

6. A sense of protection

One of the things that can happen in a psychic or intuitive coaching session is that these masks begin to be exposed through the messages that are received. During this process, it is often revealed that the mask the person has been wearing is really holding them back in life. A good example would be a client who wants to meet someone but masks their fear of an occasional stuttering episode by rarely talking to another person. So, the message of aloofness is being given off to others when in fact the person is a very warm, intelligent, available potential mate for another.

The value of a psychic reading or intuitive coaching session is that what was previously seen as a protective (mask) to hide behind becomes seen as a reason to become an authentic, unique, flawed person. A person who is a:

Beautiful, interesting unique creature of our universe

Are you still wearing a mask? How easy or difficult would it be for you to remove your mask and integrate your whole history and self into the original, genuine self that you are? If you are able to remove your mask, you will be loved for who you really are and you will be so much more comfortable in your skin, out in the open!!!

All those terribly embarrassing self-conscious moments in life will dissolve because they are no longer hiding under the mask.