Seeking Guidance or Direction in Your Life? Get Insightful Advice for Overcoming Your Challenges & Achieving Your Desires with Psychic Bee Herz

"Where Bee really excels is in her uncanny knack for recognizing your direction in life and then guiding you toward your most desired future. When I tested her, she gave me the evidence I needed to verify that she had definitely tuned into my life and then she gave me insightful guidance on how to overcome my challenges and accomplish my desires—brilliant advice that I’d never before considered.”

~ Bob Olson

Reprint from Bob Olson Sept. 2011

It’s rare that I recommend a psychic on my personal list of recommended psychic mediums at Until now, most of the people I’ve recommended are mediums who focus their readings around spirit communication. This is because mediumship (spirit communication) provides compelling evidence that can easily be validated. And since I’m a former private investigator who was required to gather evidence for court trials, I tend to lean toward evidential readings provided by mediums.

But psychic readings can be validated, too. It’s not quite as straightforward as mediumistic readings, but there is a way to verify psychic messages.

What I initially look for when testing a psychic is if the psychic accurately depicts an issue I’m facing, a goal I’m pursuing or noteworthy circumstances in my life. If the psychic is able to get such facts around my life correctly, then it’s much more probable that her guidance and predictions will also be accurate.

While I always remain guarded that psychic guidance and predictions can be misinterpreted—that is, the psychic can misinterpret the messages he gets from the Universe—I feel more confident when the psychic is correct about the messages I already know are true. I also like it when the psychic doesn’t try to interpret what he’s getting and, instead, just tells me what he’s seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience) or knowing (claircognizance) so that I can make the interpretation myself.

I recently tested a psychic who passed both these criteria with exceptional ability. She provided me with a heap of correct details about my life, and she told me what she was getting psychically before explaining to me her interpretations of those messages.

This psychic’s name is Bee Herz.

Meet Psychic Medium Bee Herz

Bee Herz is a psychic medium with an extraordinary ability to provide the level of psychic evidence required to pass my test, which is especially difficult these days since my standards and expectations have risen to unprecedented heights.

Where Bee really excels is in her uncanny knack for recognizing your direction in life and then guiding you toward your most desired future. When I tested her, she gave me the evidence I needed to verify that she had definitely tuned into my life and then she gave me insightful guidance on how to overcome my challenges and accomplish my desires—brilliant advice that I’d never before considered.

Let me be clear, however. Bee Herz is not a fortuneteller in the traditional sense. She doesn’t predict lottery numbers, sports scores or the weather. Instead, Bee uses her gift to provide aerial-view guidance that can potentially lead you to a better career, improved health, more loving relationships, growing finances or even increased happiness. In this way, Bee’s able to zoom into whatever area of your life needs the most direction and relay to you the advice that’s coming through to her.

I have always hesitated to recommend a psychic who’s gifted at seeing the road ahead, primarily because the general public doesn’t understand predictions. Too many people think future predictions are set in stone, when in reality they are merely snapshots of what “might” happen, not what “will” happen.

Because we have free will, we each have the power to change what psychics see in our future. In fact, you could hang up the phone after a reading with a psychic and instantly alter the prediction that was made in that reading simply by making an alternate choice. This, of course, is why we get psychic readings—because we seek guidance on alternate choices that can lead us to the most desirable outcome.

Just think of a prediction as a photograph taken through the windshield of your car. This photo indicates the direction your car is heading, but it doesn’t take into account that you might make a right or left turn along the way. Free will is our ability to make right and left turns before we reach the destination in the photograph. Make one turn and suddenly the prediction (the photo) changes.

Bee Herz understands this completely, which is why she goes beyond just predicting your future—she also gives you advice on how to avoid unwanted outcomes and reach desired ones.

To me, this is one of the greatest benefits of psychic ability. Life is about choices, which is why we have free will, and a psychic reading should help us see those choices—and possibly “suggest” the best ones—but never tell us what we “should” or “need” to do. The words “should” and “need” in a psychic reading cross the line from giving guidance to telling us what to do. And Bee did a magnificent job of never crossing this line in the two readings I evaluated.

Bee gave my wife, Melissa, a reading and suggested that she make decisions from her heart and not her head. In other words, she guided Melissa to make choices based on love rather than reason, because decisions made from her heart, said Bee, will lead Melissa in the direction she wants to go, while decisions made from her intellect will more likely to lead her away from her desires.

Melissa had recently told me that she wanted my help in reminding her to stay more heart-focused because she felt that this natural part of herself had waned a bit. She knew that she’d been responding more from her intellect and she didn’t like how it affected her. So Bee’s advice did what a psychic reading does best, which is to confirm to Melissa what her own inner guidance was already telling her.

At the same time, a reading with Bee might not be about changing what you’re doing at all. Instead, Bee might tell you what you’re doing well and encourage you to keep doing it. So, on one hand, it’s possible she might have advice on how to think or act differently in order to feel more confident, be less worrisome or become more balanced in your work or health. Or, on another hand, she might suggest that you continue on the path you’re already taking because you’re thoughts and actions are really working toward your best advantage.

In my own reading, Bee Herz predicted that I’d be hiring someone to help me with a business project, which was true. Bee went so far as to describe the personality, experience and skills this person would need in order to do the job right. Again, she was accurate on all counts. And this was helpful advice because it was likely that I might have hired someone who lacked some of those qualities simply because it’s often easier to find a person who “almost” fits the criteria. Later, thanks to Bee’s advice, I was sure to make the extra effort to find the perfect person for the job without settling for less. That’s one way a good psychic reading pays for itself.

What To Expect In Your Reading

I absolutely loved my reading with Bee Herz because she uses her ability in three different yet very cool ways. Think of the reading as having three parts: 1) Channeled messages, 2) Psychic messages, and 3) Mediumistic messages.

FIRST/Channeled Messages: In the first part of her readings—and this is my favorite—Bee meditates before the reading to receive channeled messages, which she writes down on paper prior to your appointment. She gets these messages from her spirit guides, your spirit guides and Universal intelligence. This way, once she begins the reading, she already has a ton of psychic messages to give you right from the start. So, going by her notes that she’s written, she shares with you what she channeled during this meditation.

This is my favorite use of Bee’s psychic abilities because it flows so smoothly and literally tells you a story about your own life. This story provides you with an aerial view of what’s going on in your life and then gives you helpful advice on how to lead your life toward your most desirable future.

Right at the beginning of my reading, Bee instantly knew that I had just been on the other side of a rocky period and that everything was already turning around for me. She was correct on all counts. She added that I needed serenity in my life right now and to find balance in my work and working relationships. Again, she couldn’t have been more accurate as she elaborated on this because I had recently realized that I was playing problem solver to many psychic mediums on my directory—and I have over 600 psychics and mediums listed. If I’m spending too much time putting out other people’s fires, I don’t have time left to do my own work. This is when I decided to have an assistant handle the bulk of my emails.

SECOND/Psychic Messages: In the second part of the reading, after Bee has relayed all the messages she writes down during her pre-reading meditation, she goes into psychic mode where she shares with you the intuitive messages she’s getting at that exact moment on your behalf. These might still be related to some of the messages she wrote down and gave you at the beginning of the reading (but with a little more detail), or they might be on a completely different subject altogether.

Bee will tell you when she’s finished with the channeled messages and is moving into these psychic messages. But you might also recognize a new pattern in her speech where she pauses very briefly to receive the message (from the Universe and/or her spirit guides) and then conveys the message to you. It’s quick because Bee has a lot of energy and, therefore, talks at a steady pace. But in comparison to the channeled messages, you might notice an occasional brief pause as Bee gets the psychic guidance before she quickly shares it with you.

In my reading, once Bee switched from the prewritten messages she had channeled to the psychic impressions she was getting in the moment, she returned to one of the channeled messages she had given me at the beginning of the reading in order to add more detail. This was a smooth transition that led to new information and guidance about that subject. I loved the added insight this reading format provided. It also allowed me the opportunity to ask questions since Bee’s spirit guides were right there to give me the answers I sought.

THIRD/Mediumistic Messages: Bee Herz leaves the third part of the reading for spirit communication, if it’s accessible and appropriate. Bee is technically a psychic medium, so the word “medium” means she also has the ability to communicate with your loved ones in spirit. Thus, Bee leaves open the possibility for mediumship (spirit communication) in the third segment of her readings, if there are loved ones in spirit who have arrived and want to give you a message.

Since Bee is primarily a psychic, it’s important to understand that her readings are not focused on mediumistic messages alone. But she does have the ability and will convey messages from spirit if there’s time left in the reading and if you have loved ones on the other side asking to get through. Sometimes these loved ones in spirit will want to comment on the advice Bee has given in the earlier part of the reading, which can be a nice addition to the psychic reading. But when it comes to psychic readings of this sort, my experience is that loved ones typically use the brief opportunity just to say hello and let you know they’re okay and watching over you.

My reading with Bee Herz focused a lot on my career. Being that I’m a bit of a workaholic, this made perfect sense. It’s common that a psychic will focus on this area with me. Bee was able to tell me exactly what was going on with me mentally and emotionally regarding my work (she showed me the bigger picture), and she did a wonderful job explaining to me what I needed to be doing in order to maintain balance and inner peace. Much of Bee’s advice was entirely new for me—nothing any other psychic had ever delivered—which gave me plenty of evidence to prove to me she’s legitimate.

Bee occasionally made a point to disclose when she had prior knowledge about a message she was giving me. This is because she’d been on my directory of psychics and mediums since 2007 ( and, therefore, already knew a few facts about me. So whenever she got an intuitive hit about something that wasn’t new to her, she was quick to declare that she had some prior knowledge about me in that area.

This is an important point because it’s not that the psychic message isn’t useful (it might be very helpful), it’s just that Bee didn’t want to get credit for information that wasn’t entirely new to her.

Whenever I test a new psychic or medium, I always know that they probably know a few things about me. In truth, this makes it more difficult for the people I test today because I generally discount messages from my evaluation of their reading that are related to their prior knowledge. In fact, I generally discount anything that I’ve written about, as well, which makes the testing process a lot harder today than it was five or ten years ago. But Bee was completely forthright with anything she already knew, which was her way of saying, “I don’t expect full credit for this intuitive guidance since I already knew some of this information before.”

She certainly gets points for her honesty. All the same, my approval of Bee’s reading ability had to focus on the information she received psychically where she didn’t have prior knowledge, and there was plenty of that, so much that she passed my test and was quickly approved for my recommended list.

Your Reading With Bee Herz

If you love getting a lot of helpful information in your reading, you’ll love getting a reading from Bee Herz. She overflows with enthusiasm (a sign that she loves giving readings) and talks at a swift, steady pace, allowing her to get more guidance into a reading than a more leisurely, relaxed psychic. My mind works really fast, so I tend to get bored with slow-paced readings. I was never bored in my reading with Bee.

She’s also very upbeat in her approach, meaning she didn’t give Melissa or me any doom or gloom messages. Even when she was guiding us away from a negative outcome, she always had an optimistic slant to the message. This is important to me because I want to feel good when I leave a reading. There’s nothing worse than getting off the phone and feeling fear or negativity. Not to worry with Bee. Both Melissa and I felt empowered after our readings and we knew what we needed to be doing to stay positive and steer clear of anything negative.

Bee also allowed Melissa and I to ask questions at the end of our readings. I highly recommend that you write down questions on a piece of paper that pop up during your reading so that you can recall them at the end. It’s typical that you won’t want to interrupt Bee while she’s talking, and it’s likely that you’ll forget your questions if you wait to ask it. So write your questions down as you think of them.

I had a few questions about messages that Bee had given me early in the reading and she was quickly able to tune into the answers at the end of the reading and give me whatever information I sought. It seemed effortless for her to get answers about any questions I asked, even when I asked more questions in follow up to her answers. Bee’s very skilled at answering questions, so make use of this if you get a reading with her.

If you’d like to experience a reading with Bee Herz, I recommend calling her before her reading fee increases, which often happens after I add people to my recommended list, AND to avoid a long waiting list, which also tends to happen after I approve new people. Be sure to tell her that you read about Bob Olson’s reading with her and would like to have the same type of reading.

Bee gives readings by telephone to anyone around the world. There are three easy ways to get a reading with Bee:

  • The fastest way to get a reading is to view her calendar to schedule your reading right online by visiting (click on the “Book An Appointment” button).
  • Or you can call Bee directly to schedule an appointment at (970) 871-4525 or email her at
  • If you’d like to see if Bee is available this minute to give you an Instant Reading, check her Instant Reading buttons on my directory. If it reads “Get An Instant Phone Reading” she’s available. If it reads “Arrange For A Phone Reading” she’s not available.

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