Stepping Out in Blind Faith

You know the scene in Indiana Jones when the hero leaps from a huge precipice and the stone bridge suddenly appears to carry him to safety?

That’s the perfect visual for my topic today – blind faith and how we don’t ever really fall to our depths. Our depths rise to meet us.

It can be scary to make a decision that will affect your whole life – leaving you suspended over a seeming chasm, holding your breath.

I say: do it.

You will be held.

The universe will support you in your daring decision. Because you dared to dream. Dreamers make the world a richer place and raise the vibration of life because of their remarkable experiences.

Yes, it’s scary. And it’s also awesome. Take off across Asia Minor with $1000 and just your backpack – and see what happens. Peril, perhaps. But if you just stay safe at home, you miss so much.

When you go on a rare adventure, you needn’t anticipate doom. Things will happen as a consequence of your daring, but they will also transform you. You step out on the proverbial ledge, and you learn something about yourself. The next step will be taken by a new you who has new courage and insight gained from the step that came before. Soon you’ll be all Cirque de Soleil about life. Daring to tumble at great heights.

I could only wish this for you!