Steps To Become Your Own “Wind Beneath Your Wings”

This is an exercise I’ve used and found to be a powerful tool when trying to summon the courage to face my fears and “Soar Like An Eagle” when I’m feeling “Fearful Of The Flight.”

It has proven very effective for many other people as well. I personally know of a very successful male speaker who uses this exercise regularly to soothe his paralyzing fear of speaking in public to over 1000 attendees at a time; and, another who uses it before and during her meetings with her often intimidating high-level corporate customers.

1.  First, I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are with a friend or person who has always supported you in your life. Someone who had your back, who was loyal, kind and interested in your success and happiness.

If you’re going through a tough time, you may have to dig back into your memory files to remember best friends or family members who believed in you and were always supportive of your hopes, desires and dreams. Someone who was there for you no matter what happened. Of course, this could be a loved one who has died and is now available to you in spirit.

Also, know it’s okay if you’re more comfortable with building a person or team in your imagination to fulfill this supportive, endorsing kind of mentorship instead of using someone who has been in your life.

2. Once you have the person(s) in your mind notice how much they really care about your welfare and how appreciative you are of their support. Feel their love and support as well as your appreciation for the roles you both share or shared in life.

3.  Next, while still visualizing these very supportive persons/friends/spouse, place “your” right hand on top of your left hand. Then “lightly squeeze” your bottom hand and imagine it is your friends giving you the comfort, encouragement and love you know they’d provide you when facing a difficult challenge.

4.  Now visualize yourself facing whatever situation you’re fearful of facing or handling. Examples could be:

.  Singing the “Star Spangled Banner” to a packed stadium of 80,000 people

.  Trying to persuade someone to believe in your abilities

.  Asking your boss for a raise

.  Leaving a relationship

5.  Once you’ve visualized whatever the fear is you’re dreading to face, take your right hand and “lightly squeeze” your left hand to remind yourself of those who are on your team of supporters. This is a summoning of sorts of the spirits of those who will love you and support you no matter what the outcome of the situation.

Your team of supporters can be with you in essence at anytime by simply squeezing your hand. They can be in a stadium packed with people, or in the room with you as you apprehensively confront your boss or tell your partner that you’re leaving the relationship.

Many people have certainly found this method effective for helping elevate confidence and lessening fear in challenging situations and I hope you find it valuable as well.

This is the technique for allowing yourself to be your own “Wind Beneath Your Wings” so that you can place your fears aside and “Soar With The Eagles.”

I’m anxious to know how it works for you.