Talking with the Dead


Pennies from Heaven


Giving a medium reading is a sacred gift to all concerned. A medium reading is talking with those that have passed over… and then communicating that information to those that are still here on this earthly plane.

Speaking with those that have passed over can be quite the experience. A deceased once literally poked me in the arm when he was ready to communicate!

Or creepily, there was the time when I was sitting on the couch preparing to do a psychic online reading and I felt this hand go down my neck and back and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

When in my mother’s TV room, she and I used to smell my deceased grandfather’s cigarette smoke on a regular basis (no one has ever smoked in her house). One very snowy evening my mother insisted that my stepfather go under the house – as she was certain someone was living in the crawl space and smoking cigarettes. In actuality, my grandfather was hovering around trying to communicate and get our attention. My mother wasn’t interested in speaking with him; but, he was trying to communicate that he was sorry for the way he had treated her and used cigarette smoke to get noticed. Usually talking with the dead is a gift to both the deceased and the living. This was not one of those occasions.

Frequently, when talking with the dead, I hear words that I do not recognize. An example would be when the deceased is of a different nationality and they use a different word for grandmother, such as, Nonna, for someone of Italian decent.

Recently, I was giving a medium reading to the daughter of a man who had passed over. She was preparing to bake a birthday cake in his memory. All of a sudden her Dad interrupted me and emphatically told me to tell his daughter not to bake a birthday cake in his memory because he had always hated cake. He went on to tell me to tell her that she was to break out a Pabst Blue Ribbon in his memory. His daughter started laughing and crying at the same time saying, “That’s my Dad for sure—He never really liked cake and he certainly loved Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

Many times, when talking with the dead, they describe what they did here on earth or demonstrate a part of their personality that is recognizable to their family or loved ones here. Sometimes, they describe items, hobbies or passions they had.

It becomes really interesting when they describe their jobs on the other side and they turn out to be very similar occupations to ones they had here on earth. I can remember talking with the dead and having them describe how they were “processing” souls to determine what type of position the newly arrived souls would like to have and/or what would they like to learn. The entities that were doing the processing had former jobs here on earth in areas like Human Resources or Administration. Another great example is a teenager who had died a tragic death and was now a greeter – meeting new teenage souls with a “Hey, welcome!”

Many times our loved ones will choose to be “Spirit Guides” to those of us still on the earthly plane. Frequently, there are stories where a person feels the deceased loved ones presence. Often the other side will communicate to us through electronics, such as lights flickering or static. It’s always during a time when we are somehow convinced or “know” on a special soul level that it truly is our loved one. Sometimes those that have passed over will also move or place small items in odd ways. A good example would be metallic items, such as coins, showing up in a peculiar setting, such as on your sink when you would never place them there. I call these coincidences or “Pennies from Heaven.”

Additionally, it’s not just former humans who check in on us. I have a friend who lost a beloved cat a year ago. My friend had been extremely ill, fragile and bedridden a few years ago. During her recovery, she would lie in bed and have to think really hard and deeply about just trying to get ready to roll over to her other side. During these difficult times, the cat would jump up on the bed and place a paw on my friend’s cheek. Since the death of her cat, my friend will still occasionally actually feel her cat jump up on her bed and move towards her. My friend is a rock solid pragmatic person and she is convinced this is the spirit of her cat … and so am I.

I can also see the dead and frequently I see them as they were here on earth, such as the home they lived in or at their workplace. I also see items that were important to them here on earth. In another medium reading, I saw a man spread out in his “Barcalounger” watching TV in his home and he was truly “happy as a clam” in that chair …. just as he was in his life here on earth.

Sometimes, when talking with the dead, they will decide it is not a good time to talk or that they aren’t ready to talk. Many times, they aren’t ready to talk because they are going through their life’s review of relationships here on earth. In fact, they are receiving guidance on re-perceiving those relationships in a different light. Many are able to evolve through this process and subsequently communicate that they are sorry for their human shortcomings and mistreatment of the affected person still here on earth. When finally ready to communicate, actually asking for forgiveness of their conduct is somewhat common.

In closing, giving a medium reading and talking with those that have passed over and communicating that information to those that are still here on this earthly plane is a sacred gift to all concerned.

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