The Joy of Being a Medium

As a medium, I have personally been blessed with human growth experiences while delivering messages from the souls and spirits of those that have departed. Some things I’ve gained:

KNOWLEDGE that there really is an afterlife made up of the Divine and our souls, as well as spirit essences of our earthly form that have departed to return to their souls.

A LESSENING OF THE FEAR OF DYING through seeing and hearing the personal experiences of spirit essences of the departed, archangels, souls and the Divine.

NEW FRIENDSHIPS composed of souls and spirit essences that will welcome me and help me when it is time for me to depart this human life experience and return to my soul and the Divine.

The very human BONDING and CONNECTION that occurs with clients who are seeking connection with deceased loved ones.

KNOWLEDGE that even the worst of all events will change and soften when the time is right for the individual, gained from watching grief soften for clients who have received messages from deceased loved ones.

FEELING of the mutual LOVE of spirit and the universe that is truly holy and divine.

Sight of the DEEPEST SADNESS of the human condition.

As I have experienced the human empathy of deep personal loss through my clients’ losses, I have also gained insight into our human journey; and by doing so I’m left with a sense of joy at knowing that we are all still very connected in this world and the next.

Because of my experiences as a medium, I know that blessings and compassion surround you in spirit, always.