The Thin Veil

It is a sacred honor and blessing to be able to see, hear, and be touched through the thin veil that divides our human existence from those spirits that have passed on to the other side. I am not alone in having this sacred gift. Many of you, for whom I have been able to give a medium reading from loved ones, have also experienced the parting of the thin veil that divides this existence from the next.

I invite you to share with me your experiences with loved ones who have passed on to the other side and your stories of out-of-the-ordinary phenomena experienced by others.


psychic mediumshipSome of you have experienced dreams in which your loved ones have spoken with you. It was very clear to you, in the dream, that the deceased was indeed alive and communicating with you.

These dreams stand out from other dreams in that they are extremely realistic. Often, you report actually feeling the person or animal, just as I have in a medium reading. Frequently, the deceased look quite alive and healthy and no longer ill.

Other unusual events, such as smells, sounds, or unusual activity from electronic items, may also occur and indicate the presence of the deceased.

I would love for you to share your experiences of communication with departed loved ones through dreams and strange phenomena.

My Grandfather

As an example, I will share with you my personal experience of an event beyond the ordinary that demonstrated to me the feather thinness of the veil that divides our worlds.

To some, my grandfather was thought of as “crusty”, but to me he was never that way. In fact, he always treated me very lovingly. He had been married to my grandmother for over 50 years, and their marriage had the usual trials and tribulations. However, he and my grandmother maintained a profoundly deep friendship unlike any other in his life. She was his true spiritual companion.

Not long after my grandfather’s passing, my grandmother decided that she would sell their home and move into a condo. She had, for years, attempted to sway my grandfather into making this move. He was a stubborn person, to say the least, and had resisted this move.

Moving Day

The day of the move came, and the movers arrived and packed everything up. However, as they were readying to pull out of the driveway, my grandmother paused and was drawn back into the garage by a sensation that something had been left behind.

Out of what had been a particularly calm, clear day, a strong gust of wind arrived. The huge, old hard-maple tree near the garage groaned, cracked, and began falling directly into the garage. Fortunately, the moving men had followed her into the garage. They pulled my grandmother out of harm’s way, just as the tree landed on the exact location where she had been standing.

After hearing of these events, my mother’s immediate reaction was, “There is no doubt that it was your grandfather. He’s lonely as well as angry that his house is being sold. He’s still there. His chair is being moved. And, his cigarette smoke can still be smelled…”


As you can see from my story, this thin veil allowed a glimpse into the mercurial nature of a dear loved one who had passed on to the other side.

The veil that separates us from our loved ones is truly “just a veil.”

How have you experienced the fine line that divides this world from the next?

Please send me your stories and comments.