The World of Woo-Woo

Is it a contradiction to be a skeptic in the world of woo?

And on the other hand, is it OK to have your feet planted firmly on the ground and still think metaphysically sometimes?

I should say so – if I’m any example!

Thinking Metaphysically

People often dismiss psychics and new age gurus – concluding that only the visible and tangible are worthy of investigation and belief – but I say there’s more to life than the scientific method.

There is a whole quantum view of life that takes into account the invisible forces at work outside our perception. And when you let that in, life starts to make a whole lot of exuberant sense. It’s not humdrum and dutiful at all – it’s a joy ride of possibilities and the ways that you can be on purpose on the planet become largely up to you.

That the very wisest of people such as Albert Einstein have been open to imperceptible nuance is encouraging. Einstein thought that imagination is more important than knowledge. And he had lots of knowledge. He wrote: “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

I’ll have what he’s thinking!

Skeptic in Woo Woo Land

However, you can find hucksters and con artists and people who are just plain deluding themselves in any sub-culture. Even – and I’d theorize – especially – in the world of woo woo. What I want no truck with is the fakers and the fanatics. A dose of realism is always welcome. I like to remain skeptical about the human element especially.

Psychics are proliferating – there are ‘woo woo’ shingles being put up all over the Internet. Seems like it’s a quick way to make a buck – to say you have the inside scoop on how to improve your love life and even win the lottery.

What’s needed is a healthy perspective. There ARE forces outside the everyday and if you are very ‘in tune’ – you can see the greater meaning and the greater good in life. A clue: it all comes down to love.

Woo Woo Gone Wrong!

That’s when you are pretending to yourself and/or to others that you have the hot line to the stars – literally. There are few truly gifted and open mediums. They are able to connect metaphysically and they are often humble about it. The tell tale sign of a wise and wonderful metaphysician? Feet solidly on the earth and bright eyes searching the stars, not your wallet!

A final quote from dear uncle Albert:

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.

– Albert Einstein