What is Life After Death?

When people ask me about what “Life After Death” is like, the first thing I tell them is: it depends. I’ve found that the experience of “Life After Death” is going to be much like ‘Life” was for the deceased. That is: it takes on many forms and is quite often dependent upon what the living person’s beliefs and behaviors were long before he or she died.

Believe it or not: “Life After Death” is a custom fit!

If someone’s “heaven on earth” was fly-fishing, that person may well choose fly fishing as their lot in death (versus ‘lot in life!’)

 Or say a person was an altruist, fulfilling his or her passion by being ultra-helpful. They’ll be that Good Samaritan in their afterlife, too! It’s always unique to the individual.

 So my experience with those who have died and are with us now just in spirit is extremely varied.

 The deceased’s chosen religion in life plays out in death as well. Christians of all denominations are in what was their church’s teaching of “Heaven.” Similarly, Hindus, based on their religion’s teachings, are often ‘recuperating’ in-between death and rebirth. Buddhists are in one of the bardos or choosing their next life on earth. You get the drift of this. The ‘after-life’ is a custom fit!

 “You become whatever or go wherever your perception of an afterlife was before you passed from this life to the next!”

 Without knowing anything about the deceased person, which is definitely my preference at the start of a medium reading, I can see, feel and hear the person on the other side.

 The information is different in each medium reading but there is also a similarity. Every religion seems to have an archetype or similar view of something bigger (like God) that has created and is now overseeing the universe. Generally speaking, it seems like all religions have more similarities than differences.  However, each spirit or soul sees it uniquely and this uniqueness is manifested in their afterlife.

 Additionally, there are choices the spirit or soul makes after death and their view of a heaven or in-between rebirths is very unique to their prior life journey and beliefs.

 Personally, in my medium work, I have not seen anyone in a “Hell.”

 I have seen and heard from those who are undergoing a life review and type of “re-education” so that they may subsequently join a loving, supportive, united form of loving consciousness.