White Picket Fences!

I love this happy photo with the “perfect-white-picket-fence” and gorgeous flowers. I can smell those roses; and, the whole setting just makes me want to walk through the gate and stay in what looks like heaven-on-earth!!!

Do you remember Samantha Stevens, the lovable good-witch character from the old “BEWITCHED” TV show series?  Samantha used to simply wiggle her nose to plant roses, landscape her whole yard and install the “perfect-white-picket-fence.”  Of course, by the middle of the show whatever “good thing” she had wiggled her nose for had caused problems and by the end of the show, she had to wiggle her nose to change everything back to the way it was before! Usually, there was something Samantha didn’t “know” was already being taken care of or was going to happen in the future or she may not have wiggled her nose in the first place. 

Even though, believe me, if I could wiggle my nose and make changes for the world, I would!!! Just like Samantha did; and, my bet is that a lot of you feel the same way!

In reality, of course, we each have to do the work; and, on occasion, obtain directions that are necessary to transform a scruffy part of our yard or life. That’s where my passion lies: In receiving messages and directions from Spirit and passing them on to those searching for guidance and knowledge to allow them to make life decisions.

This photo captures my love and joy in being able to accomplish my life’s work and inspires me to continue. My hope is that this “perfect-white-fence” does the same for you today.