Who Calls for a Psychic Medium Reading with Bee Herz???

As a staff assistant to Bee Herz, I am always amazed with the diversity of people who call and email for an appointment with Bee. Literally, they come from all over the world, China, Indonesia, India, Europe, Africa, South America, etc. Their religious backgrounds include Hindi, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and variations of all religions. Careers are also diverse from someone already in the spiritual and healing fields to the medical profession, science and business.

Some have questions about the differences between psychic readings and medium readings. Some want to know if they should send photos of their deceased loved ones or photos of someone they’re dating. They’re interested in whether they should stay in a relationship or get out of a relationship. Am I in the right career is a really big question or should I pursue education in a different field.

Although diverse, everyone is seeking similar help. That help is guidance and the healing power of a new direction or confirmation of a person’s existing direction from Spirit. Bee has proven to be a conduit for these messages from Spirit and it is her passion to serve humanity through her psychic medium readings. I’ve observed both the diversity and the commonality. But most importantly, I’ve seen the amazing help she provides through her own kindness, wit and humor in delivering these life changing messages and it makes me proud to be in the background supporting her work.

Posted by: Sunny, Staff Assistant to Bee