Why I Meditate As a Psychic Medium

I meditate for many reasons not the least of which is to improve my own personal sense of calm so that I may better serve those around me who are experiencing chaos.

I have found that as a Psychic Medium, meditation is powerful in helping me to not be distracted by a person’s energy in a reading so that messages from spirit may flow. In this way, I am able to obtain a mental-spiritual-state of deep concentration when receiving messages from Spirit. If you want to up your intuition or psychic medium abilities, I suggest beginning a regular meditation practice that can greatly help you:

1. Help keep your mind clear and focused
2. Help ground your energy and raise your vibration so that you may receive clearer messages
3. Help develop a non-judgmental attitude with yourself and others
4. Help create greater compassion for all suffering
On that last item, compassion brings love to all situations and relationships. With compassion, I am better able to see the suffering others are experiencing and this allows me to be more supportive of those going through their process to resolve their issues. Compassion results in an opening for all parties concerned: the victim as well as the perpetrator (think extra-marital affair).

The use of compassion coupled with an open, non-judgmental mind allow healing channels to open and the purest and highest love to flow through to all who are suffering.