A Kent-mas Tree Story

I’m living proof that we each touch one another in ways that cannot be imagined at the time of our first meeting. For me, what started out as meeting with a client morphed into a cherished friendship and a very special Christmas gift this year.

The client who morphed into a-butterfly-of-a-dear-friend is Betsy. Betsy’s son, Kent, died tragically a couple of years ago. It’s difficult to think of him in spirit as he has such a robust-bursting-with-life-type-of-spirit and I have been blessed with the honor and privilege of connecting and experiencing his bigger than life essence.

Kent is, in reality, often nearby his mother and he indicates his presence to her through feathers left underfoot on her path and in directing eagles and hawks to fly within her line of vision to let her know he is around. In life, Kent was a big guy with a Mohawk and tattoos of skull n’ crossbones that he designed. So, it’s hard to imagine that he would also be the type of spirit who is responsible for Betsy’s live-flower arrangements to eventually dry without losing one single petal; yet, this has been her continued experience since Kent left this earthly plane.

However, the most touching and heavenly manifestation that Kent demonstrates has to do with the hymn “Amazing Grace.” I believe everyone agrees that this gorgeous song isn’t something you hear on the radio very often (or at a mall or anywhere really). Yet, with far more frequency than what we’re used to hearing, it plays for Betsy. A mother’s intuition is powerful juju and more often than not, right-on-the-mark. However, I was even astonished after one of her readings with me, when all of a sudden “Amazing Grace” began to play for both of us to hear and it was coming from a pop-radio station! A miracle phenomenon and we were both blessed and touched by it.

As you can imagine (or perhaps sadly experienced), losing a loved one especially a child causes anguish and wounds deep within one’s very being. As you may know all-too-well, loss leaves a scar for life. Yet, there are choices one can make to honor the loss of a loved one and Betsy is the type of person who has turned her loss of Kent into a continued celebration of his life, his love and his spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, Betsy will always feel the wound of Kent’s loss. Yet, she continues to choose to celebrate and honor his spirit in many artistic, creative and lovely ways and in this way she sets a distinguished and lofty example.

For me, one of her most most creative and reverent projects is a live Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments representing memories of Kent’s life here on earth. The tree even includes a garland made of chains with glitter and feathers and an ornament of his tattooed skull n’ crossbones!!! His spirit definitely lives through Betsy’s creative process!

To my great surprise and delight (and, most probably because I expressed that I was feeling sad this year and not going to have a tree), Betsy (and Kent) decided I needed one. Boy were they right!!! So, Betsy and Kent’s dad decorated and brought me a miniature Kent-mas tree just like the one described above. I am so impressed with it and totally enjoy lighting it and being in its presence when darkness falls. It’s a wonderful reminder of the LIGHT in our world and the wonderful humans and spirits all around us.

Now, I have the spirit of Christmas along with the spirit of Kent and my friend Betsy shining brightly in front of my window and it is full of human and spiritual love.

May you be blessed as well through including your deceased loved one’s spirit in your holiday celebrations through a toast, a prayer or with your own version of a sacred Kent-mas Tree.