Stop, Watch & Listen

Have you ever wondered why you missed “red flags” in a relationship? As a psychic, I hear many variations of how a “Lover Has Done Me Wrong”! Yet, when looking at the details, I see (more-often-than-not) that it is “Crystal Clear” why you believe your lover “Done You Wrong.”

Typically, these lovers were never in the relationship to begin with. At least not in the way you hoped and prayed they were! When looking at the details, there invariably were not just red flags saying don’t waste your time, there was a stoplight and a bullhorn as well as friends and family screaming “NO.”

And, very importantly, often the lover clearly states what they want through their behavior and they even state out loud what they want or don’t want in a relationship.

I sometimes think that there are those of us who let our imaginations run away with us and believe that if we want something bad enough surely the other person wants the same!

Not true?

I know that YOU know that when the prospect of romance is in the air, you begin a fairy tale of what the potential future holds for the two of you. I know this not just through messages from spirit; but, through my own personal experiences.

Remember, romance and sex ALWAYS muddy our perspective and judgment.

Stopping to watch and listen allows us to hear and feel the truth, so we can choose wisely and not waste our time. It may hurt to hear and observe, yet in the long run, each of you will thank yourselves and speed up the process of finding the one who is really right for you.