Musings On What I Learned From An Ex

Honesty is the foundation of a relationship

You can love someone even when they are being an ass

You can want to be with someone even if you know that it is not in your best interests

Someone can say they love you and still lie, cheat and steal

You are responsible for how you respond to crappy behavior

Even when you think everything is peachy, someone may leave

Accept that you will never truly know someone

When someone shows you who they are, believe them and act accordingly

You can love a bad person

It is up to you to feel and hear the truth

Stand up for your hopes and dreams and if someone loves you, they will be supportive

Remember you are worth love and worth being treated with respect

When someone hurts you to the point you can’t breathe, know that this is the time to BREATHE

Someone can just as easily walk out of your life as they walked into your life

If someone is not with you, it is because they do not want to be ~ Period.

Forgiveness is Divine

If someone leaves you, you can still love them ~ It’s okay

If someone leaves you, you can hate them ~ It’s okay

You can cry over every little thing

Do not let anyone tell you “You should be over it”

When you’re ready, choose to dream about a new life

You did the right thing ~ Unless you didn’t ~ Either way, forgive yourself and MOVE ON

Whatever reason your ex left you is not a reflection of who you are

You will love again

Keep your heart open even if you’re afraid

Do not run. Stay in the game. You will be glad in the long run

Try ~ Try ~ Try

It doesn’t matter if someone didn’t love you back like you loved them ~ They can’t because they are not you

When someone treats you like crap, walk away

When your heart is broken, you are the best repair person ~ Not another person, place or thing

Realize the love you felt was brought by you

Everyone has loved an ass ~ This too shall pass

If someone does not want you, listen to them and accept what they are saying

Focus on yourself and you will always have a reason to live

When you feel like you are dying from a broken heart, watch a sappy movie and cry some more

Place all photos in a drawer and don’t peak

Take the high road. If you happen to slip onto the low road, apologize and return to the high road

Their family is not your family. Yes, the loss hurts. Accept their belief that blood is thicker than water

The more shocking someone’s behavior, the more reason to leave or be glad they left

Someone doesn’t leave you for a fairytale, better life ~ They just walk into another relationship with all their same problems and maybe more than you’ve  seen ~ Your ex didn’t turn into a better person after they left you ~ Really!!!

You will be happy again and this is an universal truth and law

If you allow yourself, you will gain great knowledge about yourself to attract a better life and mate

Keep breathing

Talk about your ex until you are sick of hearing yourself

Your love still lives on inside of you ~ This may be painful ~ Then beautiful

Be open to everything ~ Accept it all ~ Say yes to new things

You can think terrible revenge thoughts about your ex ~ Just don’t do them

Write letters to your ex ~ Do not send them ~ Keep writing

Remember to sleep, eat and take care of yourself

Remember to wake up, put down the candy bars and take care of yourself

You will make it

You are stronger than you realize

Life is still going on around you waiting for you to step back in

Lost love may lead you to great love