Ending A Relationship To-Do-List & Teaching

The rewards are great for those of us who become open to developing loving compassion for our former partners.  The gifts of doing the work are gaining a deep self-love, closure, growth and the ability to attract a future healthy and loving relationship. Here’s a To-Do-List I developed while going through my own ending:

  1. Be kind with yourself and your mate (even if they are acting mean-spirited)
  2. Be honest with yourself and your mate, ALWAYS
  3. Be a good friend (no matter if your mate cannot reciprocate)
  4. Communicate the ugly real truth
  5. Communicate the beauty you experienced in your relationship
  6. Listen to the pain of your mate (even if it hurts)
  7. Be aware that you are causing pain
  8. Feel your own pain
  9. Develop compassion for the jackass that caused you pain. They are human, too
  10. Know that you are not a human defect
  11. If you caused pain to another, apologize, apologize and then apologize again
  12. Look closely at your role in the relationship
  13. Learn self-discovery–Go deep within–Seek counseling
  14. Always take the high-road for your own humanity
  15. Put yourself first even if it means leaving the relationship
  16. Never take back an ass as they NEVER turn into someone on a white horse

In closing, find a way to:

Forgive, Release, Remember.

Forgive, Release, Remember.

Forgive, Release, Remember…