Angel Adventures

One of the most life-altering experiences that could possibly occur happens when a person is able to sense the presence of ANGELS. In the process, there is an intertwining with Spirit and a bliss and well-being takes place in the mind as well as in the physical body. Personally, when I become aware of their presence, my shoulders actually lower and all stress drains from my body. My brain feels as though it shifts upward to the crown-of-my-head (at least my consciousness does) and a smile takes over my face. I feel freedom and lightness and as though I’m “hovering” within angelic cloud-territory. It’s like a mind-bending trip of sorts!!!

Being able to sense an angel comes about when you are able to focus, hold and EXPAND space “within yourself.” One of the ways to create, hold and expand your space within is through learning how to deeply focus with a regular meditation practice. No groaning–it is more than well worth the effort.

After you learn how to create space “within yourself,” you will find that in the process of creating the space, you somehow unmask the earthly identity that (unbeknownst to you) you chose to wear and your “true-self” becomes exposed (in a really good way). You effectively strip all traces of your sense-of-self and then miraculously merge into the space that has no past, no problems and no worry. This space is weightless and always accessible; yet, we must consciously choose to enter it. It is where all angels reside and it is pure, full-of-wonder, mystery and reverence.

Once you are able to sense the presence of angels, you can learn to simply be with them whenever needed or whenever you desire. The benefit of “hanging out” or “hovering” with the angels is immeasurable. My spirit flutters in their presence and all human, mental-anguish melts away. My physical ailments lessen and I can feel my natural human-healing-system activate in conjunction with the healing of Spirit and the universe.

The divine purpose of angels is to be a heavenly support system and to provide guidance and direction. They are always available to cradle us and lessen any pain of our existence. We need only to learn how to access them, then relax and let their loving, sacred company heal us.

You don’t have to be a psychic medium or be greatly evolved along the psychic focus continuum to access angels as they are always present and available to all. However, you do need to put forth effort to join with them. Again, you need to learn systematically how to quiet your mind, concentrate and focus and meditation has proven overwhelmingly to aid in this process.

Learn the basics of creating space within, then let your angel adventures begin.