How to Choose the Right Psychic or Medium for You


Of course, referral from someone you are close to or word-of-mouth is always the very best way to find the best psychic or medium for you. But, there are other ways. In particular, “before scheduling” a reading, you should always ask where you might be able to read testimonials and referrals about the psychic medium. That way, you have an opportunity to research and find a psychic that matches what you are looking for.

I’ve been certified as a “Tested as Legitimte” psychic and medium by Bob Olson and am listed on the website. I am also on where I have numerous testimonials to my credit as do other psychic mediums on this website. These are actual client testimonials that have been vetted by the owner of this web site to insure credibility.

For a Medium reading, again check for testimonials. But, also, make certain the Medium is an “Evidentiary” Medium, which means that the Medium should provide you with specific evidence that is unique to the spirit when he/she was on this earthly plane. In this way, you can confirm that you are receiving communication from and/or about the correct spirit.