Mystery Cure for What You Don’t Have

Want to know how to mysteriously remove your dissatisfaction with what you don’t have when you really want something beyond your reach?

Make a list of what you do have!

It may be a longer list than you can possibly imagine because you have to remember to list things you may not ordinarily think of, like oxygen to breathe or heat inside your home.

Whenever I get the “wants or wishes” for something really out-of-my-control, I sit down and practice breathing followed with making a mental list of what I’m thankful for.

So here are a few things I’m particularly thankful and grateful for today:

1. I’m grateful for my pooches, Boo Radley and Scout Finch. Without them, I would be wandering around talking to myself even more than I do now.

2. With Thanksgiving near, I’m grateful I cannot cook. Believe me, no one wants me to once again try and bring a dish on Thanksgiving–there are plenty of unsavory stories. I can open a can, boil water and I think I do a mean-microwaved baked potato!!!

3. I’m grateful for BOTOX. OK, so I’m thinking you may be judging me. Nevertheless, I’m doing BOTOX next week anyway. I don’t want to be on stage with a sharpei-dog forehead. Although I practice meditation and mindfulness, my ego hasn’t completely dissolved. Work in progress here!!!

4. To my friends and family, here’s a reason for you to be grateful: I’m too busy to KNIT anymore “ugly” scarves for your Christmas presents. However, don’t be too grateful, next year may be another ugly scarf opportunity!!!

5. I’m grateful for reality TV because it shows me how normal being a psychic medium is in comparison. Yawn!!!

My list has made me feel perfectly content and satisfied with what I have; and, it’s still a mystery why making a list of what one has makes a person feel better.

Yet, it does!!!