Oceans, Lakes and Streams

Although the statistics vary, we are made up of approximately 65% water and this, of course, includes our brains where our emotions and personalities reside.

Keeping this in mind, different bodies of water denote characteristics of our personalities and needs and below are some of the traits associated with our longing to be near three of these bodies of water.  


If you are drawn to oceans, your soul and very being tend to crave the mysteries of life and you are highly intuitive. Your hopes, dreams and desires flow in and out like the tides.  The rhythm of the ocean represents the push and pull of life.  Whenever you feel worried or out of balance, bring in the rhythm of dance to your life as well as Hatha Yoga as it emulates the movement of the ocean and is a powerful influence on your body, mind and energy flow.


If you are drawn to lakes, you like consistency in your life. and you may experience more difficulty than usual in accepting change. You like self-reflection, like the mirror of a lake on a calm day.  The saying, “Still Waters Run Deep” applies to you . Often people think you may be more outgoing than you are. You are more of an introvert and deep thinker and you appreciate alone time. When you feel out of balance, it will be helpful for you to go into a calm, meditative state.  Optimally, taking a quiet walk to and around your favorite lake is food for you soul.


If you are drawn to streams, you have a tendency to enjoy socializing and you generally have an outgoing personality.  You appreciate happy music and activity. Personality wise, you are a “people magnet” and are thought of  fondly by others like a charming “babbling brook.” Your medicine includes allowing time for play, going out with friends and a good, hearty laugh.

If you are drawn to all bodies of water, congratulations, you embody all aspects and will lead to a full life.