What Do You See ?

Does looking at this photo kickstart your brain into forming a story or opinion of this woman? Such as: Is she friendly, kind, loving, beautiful, rich?  Is she single or married? Is she from your country or another? Is she someone you would like to have as a friend? Does she like the same things you like and could she be your friend?

There’s a wonderful quote by spiritual teacher, Ram Dass:

“Only that in you which is me can hear what I’m saying”

There are 2 different “shorthand” teachings that I see in this quote:

1.  Humans understand and identify with whatever they perceive in another as similar to themselves.

2.  That which is Spirit in each human resonates and can communicate, so let your human brain judgments lessen, and listen and see me and my soul with your spirit and soul.

In other words, we humans tend to be most comfortable with people who we immediately identify as similar to us or understand us.

However, the “higher more evolved path” appears when we are able to drop or soften our judgments, fixed beliefs and preconceived ideas and allow our enlightened spirit and souls to connect to one another.

Yet, what about those times when we find ourselves in a heated argument? Been there, done that???

The secret in helping to defuse these situations is in learning to breathe deeply, carefully LISTEN and then slowly ask questions with the objective to connect and understand the other person’s point-of-view.

You may still need to remove yourself from the situation as continued toxic exposure is not the answer for either person involved; and, I’m not talking about domestic abuse situations, since a person needs to remove themselves from the situation immediately in such cases.

What I’m saying is that Tit-For-Tat just doesn’t work. If anything, it often incites riotous feelings in the other person.

In practicing non-judgment of ourselves and others, our brain may be able to learn and see from a different view. This is how we learn and grow, exchange new ideas and most importantly, grow and develop ourselves for improved connection with others and our source of being or God.

Enriching my human capacity to overlook one another’s wounds and see each other’s perfect spirit and soul is my ongoing objective and it definitely works as an antidote for stress.

My hope for myself and the world is that we come closer to communicating and connecting with our hearts, spirit and souls as this is the way for each of us to evolve, experience peaceful relationships and find peace of mind.

When everything seems to be breaking down, remember to try and overlook the “human woundedness” of another person and connect with your spirit and soul.