What I Believe In

People sometimes ask me to explain ‘God’ to them. Because I’m a psychic medium, they think I’m closer to the celestial and can give some perspective on eternal truths.

Well, it’s certainly the case that I ‘talk to dead people’ but I am no closer to ‘God’ than my clients.

Still, I do have an opinion!

I believe that there is a pervasive universal spirit that is all knowing and a source of information that can be intuited and love that can be felt. It’s not a particular being – it’s being-ness itself. I try to be in touch with this being-ness regularly – in my work and in my soul.

We are all made up of the same spiritual DNA, if you will – regardless what religion we affiliate with. Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, or Baha’i – there is a great desire to be connected to fundamental truths, essential beauty and that binding energy that both allows sadness and encourages joy.

We can all be stirred by the infinity of the universe and the one enormous question no one else can answer but you: Why are you here?

This questioning is built in – and shows how very similar we all are, held together by love and yearning for awe and blessedness. This gives me profound comfort – that there is crazy quilt that we’re all held in: not too tightly and none too loose either.

If you love, especially if you love despite betrayal or insult, than you can feel the warmth from that quilt, as if you’ve found a snuggly space in it, just for you. And everyone else. That is the paradox of “God” – it’s a vibration that is personal and universal at the same time.

The law of attraction works because if you dream and dare, you can sometimes deeply access that fostering vibration. You can be moved by spirit and the spirit can move you. This doesn’t happen in the day to day – it happens when you take the time and space to connect with the ‘God’ of your understanding.

It’s a temporary union for most people – except the St Theresa’s and Buddhas of this world, but it’s achievable and it’s most definitely ‘what I believe’ and yearn for.