What Is In Your Future?




As a psychic medium and spiritual coach, I am accustomed to hearing the question: What is going to happen in my future.

All of us want to hear that something great is going to happen in our future.

GUESS WHAT: Something great is going to happen in each and everyone of our futures. GUESS WHAT AGAIN!!! Something disagreeable is also going to happen in our futures.

Our futures are like ocean waves. Our current wave may be calm and gentle and seemingly predictable. Then there is a change and a storm moves in on a wave and the future waves become irrational, unpredictable and powerfully destructive. Each wave comes into our view and is different from the last and so are our futures. But know this truth, there is one thing all waves have in common: “Each wave comes onto the shore and then it dissolves.” 

For those who are able to KNOW the waves and situation will change no matter what, there can be a lessening of the fear and worry and a soothing of the soul.

Our lives, and, in fact our minds and thinking, are so similar to those beloved ocean waves. The waves come onto shore just like our thoughts come into our minds. If you can remember that the wave arrives; but, finally dissolves, and apply this to your worries and fears, you will be left with HOPE and PEACE OF MIND.

I also want to be a part of your future and know that just like the thousands of others I have assisted in the past, I can help you with the messages and direction that I receive from spirit and your personal guides to guide you in your ocean of life.

Always remember, “Each wave comes onto shore and then dissolves.”